Clash Royale from Clash of Clans makers

Its Good. Really Good. Imagine a 2 lane rts with card game elements and a bit of moba flair. And it uses all of the CoC units. Its really good. Fun brief RTS gameplay. You lose, you go again. You win, you get a chest, you level up your cards… well done!

Kate Upton commercial or GTFO.


I’m liking the gameplay so far, but the chest unlock mechanic requires a ton of time. Is there any point to playing more matches if your chest slots are all filled? The paywall seems much more evident than in CoC.

Fun but holy crap, the timers are ridiculous. I just tried it this morning and am already full of chests and annoyed.

That’s definitely where the money comes in, but I have found I don’t mind just setting the game aside for awhile when I’m full on chests. But there are reasons to keep playing as well. Periodically you can unlock a chest by earning crowns (for each tower you destroy in a game) and you can always earn trophies for winning, which moves you through the game’s stages and gives you access to new cards.

The timers are quite annoying but I take it for what it is. A fun bite sized rts/tower defense. I have considered starting a casual guild.

The should let you battle to reduce the timer (e.g., a win eats 15 mins of timer). As it stands, the minimum timer is 3 hrs. That means one 2-3 minute match every three hours, if you’re winning. Crazy.

Is this the thread where we all try to convince each other that the timers aren’t that bad and that the game really does love you and doesn’t mean to hurt you but sometimes when it comes home drunk things get out of hand? ;-)


I don’t know what you’re talking about. We’ve been going out for a week, and Clash Royale treats me like a real lady.

I have to say that I am in fact really enjoying it. The chest timers can suck, but I actually like that I’m not bound to the game and can pop in here and there, open a chest and gladly move on when my slots are full again. If I happen to get a gold (8hr) or purple (12hr) chest I leave them till bedtime and let that timer tick down over night. I like how unit selection, placement and timing all mix together into a nice series of important decisions.

I like it. I honestly didn’t like the constant nagging of Clash of Clans after one of the updates made it so that your protection shield timer was significantly shorter.

It would be nice to shorted the time a little bit with the addition of battling more often, because outside of the daily “crown chest” and the 4 hour free chest you can get, there’s no other reason to log in.

I got lucky and got a random “super magical chest” which is a 24hr timer. So outside of playing for maybe 15minutes - there’s nothing I can really do in the game except for playing, winning a couple of matches, and losing a couple. Kinda a wash.

As far starting a casual guild. I’ve thought about starting one too, but at the price of 1,000 coins, its steep.

The chest timers are essential, otherwise the game would be nearly identical to Castle Raid 2.

1000 coins to start a guild does feel pretty steep. I used most of my starting gems to buy 1k gold and it did help at the start, but between buying some rares and leveling up cards, it ran out fairly quickly.

If you’re looking for a casual guild, our clan from CoC started one up. Just look for “Black Company” and then find the one that has me ("&grapeseed&") in it.

So is that one worth buying if you hate timer-based games?

Thanks for the offer, I just joined up(named Shelldyn). In case anyone else goes looking for it, this Black Company has a shield with a blue flame on it in the search results.

Castle raid is a great game. My recollection is that the battles are much longer and the campaign is a big focus. I don’t recall any timers.

Supercell (not surprisingly) seems to be better at taking the formula and making it more casual.

chest unlock mechanic


Yes, I think it’s good. Like Stepsongrapes pointed out, the battles are longer, around 10 minutes. There is head to head multiplayer, which my kid loves. There is no online multiplayer, though. Just leaderboards for each campaign stage.

I don’t care too much about online multiplayer, as most of my iOS gaming is done on an iPod on the train.