Class Action Settlement for US Buyers of GTX 970


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[quote]Nvidia has agreed to a preliminary settlement after GTX 970 3.5GB memory fiasco, promising to pay each GTX 970 buyer in the US around $30 as well as $1.3 Million in attorney’s fees.

The overall settlement amount has not been publically disclosed in court papers, though Nvidia has agreed that there will be no cap on the total amount that they will pay to consumers, meaning that all owners of the GTX 970 in the US should get some money back if they apply for it.[/quote]

I knew about the issue going in and I’ve been very happy with the card, so this is just icing on the cake.


I have a 970 so how exactly do you go about collecting this largesse?


Will be some sort of online form to fill out, although not sure how they have people prove they own a 970. Still has to be officially approved by the courts.


On Reddit I have seen people saying that Amazon is giving a 20% refund/credit for any 970 cards purchased through them. I bought my 970 through Amazon and I emailed them about this, but I have not heard back.


Newegg sent an email saying they’d be in touch…


Amazon replied to me that they were waiting to hear from Nvidia.


I’ll take advantage of this, but honestly I bought the card based off of benchmarked performance of various games. It doesn’t really matter much to me if they were able to get that performance with 4GB of RAM or 3.5GB and some slow RAM.

But hey, if they wanna throw $30 my way, I’ll sure take it and put it towards the 1080ti.

Not to say that what they did wasn’t shady, though. I’m glad to see them getting punished.


Here’s the claim form site:

File for your $30!


Do I get $60 for having SLI cards?


As far as I know there’s no limit.


Thanks, Telefrog. I never received any kind of notice, so you just got me $30. :)


Woo. When do we get our $?


Anandtech article said the settlement isn’t officially approved yet but should be in December, so don’t expect a check anytime soon.


Right on, I guess I’ll take $30. I bought the GTX970 off of benchmarks, though, and not specific hardware details, so I can’t say I was ever very upset about the discrepancies. I’ll happily take a $30 rebate on my 1080 just based on the principle of it, though.


Whoa guess what showed up in the mail…my massive $30 GTX 970 refund check!

Anybody else get one?

Hmm what to spend it on now…


Didn’t get mine yet. I’m also waiting on some class action lawsuit from the dairy industry…I think…


Not yet… :(


Got my $30 refund check last week.



Check arrived today! $30


My claim was denied after giving them the number they asked for from Windows. Since I’ve already upgraded, I didn’t bother trying to dig up the info again to resubmit.