Classic Air Combat Sim Recommendations

Bonus points if you register a copy! Doubly so for WinRAR.

I registered WinRAR probably 20 years ago. So l33t

Final edition of my “official” Win98 box added XvT with the BoP addon.

Just for grins, I try added something (Secret Weapons Over Normandy) waaaay past 1998 (2003, in fact), and it crapped all over itself, so I’m calling this good for now. These twelve worthies are enough to keep any gamer of a certain age busy when Diablo 4 gets old.

Amazing. The USB stick I ordered should be to you soon.

Also I got SWON working on Win7 a while back.

So I just got this crazy Chinese portable 386sx, and F-19 runs GREAT on it.

That’s super cool! The thing though that bugs me about F-19 is you can’t adjust your waypoints without a keypad - and my laptop does not have one…

I saw you linked to it in the Krellen commander thread. It’s already sold out :(

Running win95 to boot!

Yeah hopefully more will be made.

Back in business:

You guys:

Move over, Steam Deck!

For 86Box images running Win98SE, like mine, this is neat, since there’s no other way to get updates on the OS any more: Windows 95, 98, and other decrepit versions can grab online updates again | Ars Technica

Will probably need to update my 86Box Win98 image now.

OH that’s awesome. I’ve been toying with the one you sent me, and it’s great. The only thing stopping me playing more is my lazy ass doesn’t feel like digging out my Mig Alley shit.

So today, I finished my first career in Gunship 2000. Fifty-two missions over around forty hours, four campaigns, and dozens of single missions both by myself and with a flight.

My god, what an experience. Definitely tied with Hind now for my favorite helicopter sim. It just…has everything. Varied mission objectives, lots of helicopters that feel different from each other, totally customizable difficulty levels (on a per-mission basis, no less), and hell, some RPG and strategy elements as well, once you get promoted to command a flight. Plus theaters you rarely (or never) see in other combat sims, like the Phillippines or Antarctica.

So yeah, I am just in awe of this thing, and even though I’m done streaming it, I’m gonna start another career with the difficulty put up a notch and see how it goes. I could see this being one I play for ages, given its variety. Gah, what an amazing game/sim/thing.

Next up for my Friday flight sim streams: Tornado. Can’t wait!

So in prepping for Tornado this week, I checked out the mods to see if I should use any.

There are over 200:

Yeah nooooo, I’ll be okay.

Man, you guys, I need so much more practice at landings in Tornado. I either come in way too early and hit the bare ground, or stall right before slamming into the runway. Even after dumping stores and fuel, I always get a heavy landing.

This sim don’t play.

Solid progress:


Gonna start calling you “Boomer”, rook!

It’s that fine German engineering.

If it was an F-14 it would say,

Heavy Landing
Left Engine Probably Fine
Right Engine Probably Fine
(Jimmy just needs to tighten a nut or two)
Total Repair Time 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Look, he brought the plane back, the rest is for the ground crews to worry about.