Client-Based Project and Task Management Software Request

Hey y’all, I’m writing because I need help. I’m at my wits’ end in finding a solution here. At our company, we use Basecamp for client-based task management, but it sucks. It has no reminders, no way to easily move tasks around and so on. I’ve been looking for a software solution that allows me to do the following:

  1. Group Tasks/Deliverables by Client
  2. Group Tasks/Deliverables in a specific time period (we separate our deliverables out in monthly blocks, and different months sometimes have different deliverables).
  3. Set email reminders for specific tasks (i.e. billing and so on).
  4. Allow for the insertion of notes into a client’s project.
  5. Time tracking.

This could either be a web-based or windows program. I’ve tried the demos of several and nothing I’ve yet found does all of this. Therefore, I’d LOVE to know if you guys and gals have any suggestions. Thanks for your help. :)

Redmine is pretty popular amongst the open source Rails crowd. The setup seems scary but it’s not bad if you’ve ever done any Rails work.

Also – I use Basecamp and it sends me reminders all the time… are you using the new or legacy version?

You can also check this out for free: