Cliff Empire , living on the edge!


Picked this up and sunk in 2 hours, overall its pretty good.
FYI it is still in early access. And I’ve only messed around with the intro/tutorial which seems to be the only game mode at the moment.

2 screens from my time with it:


I came here to see what I thought would be the history of Cliffy B, but I stayed for the city builder video.

Looks interesting, but you mention the tutorial is the only game mode? Do you mean a sandbox only mode?


Right now 2 hours in and I am still just being given basic build XYZ to earn rewards type of goals.

The thing I really liking is having to balance trade between cities, as each cliff has different % of resource concentrations.

There are no other game modes yet. I have a weather event where it was cloudy for day (maybe it was a rain storm? I forget the specifics) , so solar was decreased for 7 days. It pretty much made me build the nuclear plant.

Again for $9, what I am seeing is pretty good for Early Access.


That is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the thread title.


what is lol


Roadmap is here:

EA 1.3 patch is coming soon. I think they are working on adding parts of steps 3 and 4.


I saw on my friends who bought stuff feed, that @BrianRubin picked this up!

It’s still in EA, they are working on finishing update 8.


It’s not bad so far!


Why is BrianRubin interested in this game? I only saw one space ship in that video, and it flew away right away.


Nearing update 10 and the end of Early Access!