CliffyB wants do do an arena shooter again

From this podcast

-PC only arena shooter
-He can’t talk in detail about the Epic split, but is still on good terms with some of them.
-Says he’s ready to get back in the game and start his own studio.
-Hopes to use Unreal engine.
-Wants to get back to his roots with this project.
-He also speaks highly of the Oculus so the game will probably have support for that.

Sign me up, I had more fun with Tribes: Ascend about a year ago than I had with any other mp fps in the recent years.

Didn’t CliffyB said he doesn’t want to be called CliffyB anymore?

He railed against PC and now he wants to come back.
Does he think we PC players are lobtomized and forgot him shitting all over PC when he praised the Xbox 360?

I quote from Wrath of the Lich King:
“Did you really think we forgot? Did you really think we forgave?
Nothing is forgotten and nothing is forgiven!”

Not interested in CliffyB’s Gears of War fantasies.

This thread needs more DudeBro. I demand lots of naked ninja chicks and pure white square jawed player characters.

I could live with an updated Unreal Tournament Instagib game :)

He can join some of various mature arena shooters. Alien Arena, OpenArena, Warsow and so on. I am sure they will wellcome another dev.

Arena shooters as a problem, is solved.

Still on good terms with “some” of them?


I know, but only makes me want to call him CliffyB even more! :P

And writing B is way easier that trying to guess how the hell Blizenski is written. Wait a moment googling… nope, I failed. Bleszinski.

You’re not hleping.

I sea what you did their.

On topic, sometimes I feel nostalgia for the heydays of UT but it’s not something I’m interested in putting in huge amounts of time anymore.

A lot of people play Call of Duty multiplayer, and that’s really just an arena shooter. I’m sure there’s a market for for a really good arena shooter with a hook.

The issue with a lot of “arena shooters” that have been released recently is that they’ve fallen on their asses right out of the gate. Either they had shit networking, wacky game mechanics that turned people off, or they made the mistake of competing directly against Call of Duty.

Quake Live is a completely free arena shooter running in your browser, and has the advantage of over a decade of tuning and polish, being based on Quake 3 Arena. It failed to be self-sufficient. People don’t really want that. The RPG advancement elements in modern shooters make all the difference.

What a weird guy

When did FPS deathmatch co-opt the term arena shooter from actual arena shooters? I know some of them have arena in the name, but I’ve never heard the subgenre described that way.

Maybe he wants to do a MOBA

Pokemon with guns!

No no, we went through this earlier in the “Year of the RPG” thread: Pokemon games aren’t RPGs, they’re weeaboo baby fantasies for children who suck.

I would like to see a shooter with some MOBA influences. Not a MOBA in first person, a true fps… but with some ideas stolen from MOBAs.

But Quake Live isn’t the same as past games. No mods, no custom maps, no player run servers, etc the list goes on and on. It offered much less and moved to a subscription model for a game many Quake players had already bought once and could keep playing for free. The only real nice thing QL did was stats. Now they are moving out of the browser to be a standalone again in Quake Live 2.0. id had just lost their magic by the time QL came out and even the most hardcore guys such as myself never played it much. The competitive scene completely died in North America except for a few various sponsored duel events (the community before was based around team modes).

There are at least 4 efforts I know of working on twitch arcade style FPS -

CliffyB is working on -

Then there’s Reborn which is being worked on 2GD an old Quaker player turned E-Sports caster/streamer/etc -

Another, ex-CPMA (Quake 3 mod) developers are working on another FPS -

This one sounds weirder but the fact he posted about it on ESR (hardcore Quake site) gives me pause -

Personally, I really like Quake3. I’ve tried Quake3 live many, many times, and it’s really fun. But you really have to dedicate time towards the game and work on your game skills to actually get anywhere if you’d like to avoid being completely crushed and humiliated each game. (Frankly I never managed to avoid that ;))

What do these new games offer over, e.g. Quake 3 or Q3Live? Most of those mods, improvements and ‘new games’ are basically Quake3 + physics changes that only the hardcore players can keep up with. And as soon as you’ve got a “hardcore-only” requirement for enjoyment on your game, you’re going to dwindle to a tiny player base. There’s a reason things like COD, which are easy to pick up and play, have a huge playerbase.