Cobra Kai on Y̶o̶u̶T̶u̶b̶e̶ ̶R̶e̶d̶ Netflix

The first two episodes are free on regular YouTube. Starting with 3 you will need a subscription.

Damn, there is no subscription here, so you have to buy the episodes at $2.50 each. Uh, no.

So you could love it more.

I’m sure it’ll be available in another format at some point and I have a giant backlog of things to watch/play.

Fair enough, I’ve got a couple shows I plan to buy that I just haven’t pulled the trigger on for the same reason. Just a funny little sequence of posts when considered without much other context.

“I can’t believe how good this show—$2.50 an episode?! I’m out!”

So true! But it’s a sacrifice to not get it, in order to not support that business model.

Best series of the year, in fact.

Tight plotting and characterization, with integrated themes, funny when it wants to be funny, and cool action scenes. I also liked the good pace thanks to being 30 minute episodes, instead of 60.

I don’t know about best of the year, but it is a great show.

And yeah, YouTube Red isn’t available in Canada. I guess you could use a VPN to start a free trial in the US.

Well, you know, best from the ones I watched :P

Totally agree with everyone here who says this was such a pleasant surprise. It would have been so easy for this to be schlocky and stupid, and it totally wasn’t. Except for the two thugs. All the other characters have depth, but those two were one note and silly. I’m glad they didn’t get much screen time.

But yeah, wow, I’m really looking forward to next season.

Season 2 out today! Super excited to watch it.

Oh hell yes, had no idea, what a pleasant surprise. I was just thinking about this show the other day. Just got done watching the first episode and it was really good! This show just keeps me grinning the whole time.

Oh fantastic. Very much looking forward to watching this.

Good interview with Ralph Macchio in Rolling Stone. I’m Ralph’s age and he was a major icon of my teenage years. Given his high rise at a young age and then subsequent career hibernation, his attitude comes pretty well.

I keep meaning to watch Cobra Kai, sounds like fun.

In the short term, I think I’m going to look for some video of the finale of Crossroads.

Wow, season 2 tops season 1 I think. I was not expecting that ending at all. I don’t really want to get into spoilers for those who haven’t seen it, but it was a really solid season overall. It’s going to be a long wait until season 3. More people need to watch this show.

I know it’s cliche, but how the hell is Ralph Macchio 57 years old? This is such a great series.

Seems like after that last episode, they would ban karate like dancing in Footloose.

Season 3 announced.


My wife and I loved, loved the first two episodes of season 1, which were available for free. But we didn’t love it enough to pay for another streaming service.

How do people feel about the whole Karate Kid thing in Japan?