Code Name S.T.E.A.M

  • It’s a turn-based tactics by Intelligent systems (Fire Emblem; Advance Wars)
  • It’s a steam-punk alternate-history game based on both historical and fictitious characters fighting off an alien invasion
  • It’s got an interesting comic-book cel-shaded style

Sounds great right?

I thought so too, which is why I snap-bought it without it even occurring to me to wait for reviews. Whoops. It turns out, I’m not a fan. In fact, for my sensibilities at least, I’d call it shockingly bad. Reviews seem all over the spectrum for reasons I don’t understand.

Anyone having any positive interactions with this game? I’d love to hear a dissenting point of view.

I got an email for a demo download last week that I’ve been meaning to try, I just had no idea what this game even is. I do like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars so if I had known about that I probably would have been quicker on the trigger.

I played the demo and thought it was pretty fun. I could see it having frustrating controls without the camera nub on the new 3DS, though.