College Football 2017


Time to shift to this year. Also, I’m sure Olaf knows, but if, like me, you’ve wondered what an official college football scholarship offer letter looks like, this article has a selection of them. The best, by far, is the last one from East Carolina, because it looks like it came from Hogwarts.


I got some letters for D2 and D3 schools but no D1 schools. I only played a year of high school football, my senior year. I was always going to Texas though. I was a walk on during my junior year, 1994. I did earn a stipend to eat in the athletic cafeteria after going through spring camp, so I had really awesome food during the fall football season. There was no letter though :(.

Things are really different now. UT was very affordable when I went 20 and change years ago and I got in easily just because of my SAT score. It was a great state school and tuition was around $1800 a semester, the vast majority of the overall cost was room and board. I had an academic scholarship that paid my tuition during my freshman year but I lost it after posting a sub 2.0 GPA. Thanks alcohol and Sega Genesis.


One advantage of being old, I guess. I finished school before video game consoles became a thing. Although, the machines in bars certainly collected a lot of my part time job money.


I’ve already got my university’s schedule in my wallet. It’s always good to know when to stay home and batten down the hatches for the weekend.


Nice marketing push for the site you work for.


Man I can not wait for college football to start. I am always overly optimistic about Texas but this year I feel like my optimism might not be misplaced.


Olaf, I definitely like your new coach. I think Herman’s absence is a big reason Ohio State’s offense hasn’t been quite as good the last two seasons as they were in 2014.


Herman feels like the real deal. He is not Saban or Meyer, yet?, but he has an objective, 100% accountable approach to the game that I think can’t help but pay off especially at a school like Texas which has a lot of built in advantages.


It’s game day!

Here’s a thread for the other texas fans in the forum:


Sorry, Texas fans. I honestly mean that.


Felt kind of weird yesterday watching Michigan-Florida and Alabama-FSU. I’m still used to the old days of no one playing any games that matter early on in the season. Both games were pretty decent, I thought, although there were some mistakes that felt like early-season kinks that will be worked out in a few weeks. A sideline penalty on a Saban-led team, for instance? Not gonna stand. And that Florida team looked pretty weak, but Michigan’s mistakes made the game interesting anyway.


Yeah Michigan made their game closer than it deserved to be. They gave up two pick 6’s that accounted for all of Florida’s points, except for one FG. Michigan dominated Florida defensively. The offensive mistakes can be attributed to early season play but the important takeaway is that their D was stellar.


Florida has 11 players suspended for the game. Wonder what it would have looked like if they had played.


I haven’t followed them much the last few years, but their offense has been well below average the last two years. They may have also lost some players on defense that Muschamp had recruited. But they were ranked so I don’t know.


Sometime late in the 3rd quarter of the Texas A&M/UCLA game, the score was 44-10, Aggies. ATM was throttling the hell out of the Bruins. The win probability was 99.7% for ATM.

UCLA won 45-44. 2nd largest comeback in NCAA history.

Seriously, it’s like ATM coaches never watched the Super Bowl. They had the lead in the 4th and kept trying to throw the goddamn ball (with the backup QB, to boot!), when just draining the clock with running plays would have killed UCLA.


The hell is going on with football in the state of Texas?!?

I mean, in any other week the woeful non-defense played by Missouri against an FCS school on Saturday would be a national story…but man, thanks Texas, Baylor, UNLV and aTm for taking the heat off us!


As someone on reddit noted: you know it’s a bad week for Texas football when one of their teams loses to Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University (in their first FBS game ever) and they’re still having a serious discussion on whose loss was worse.


True, and Josh Rosen is damned good, but boy did he have more than his share of luck in that comeback.


Yeah not to take away from what Rosen did but A&M’s game plan from the point they had that huge lead with just over a quarter left was the main reason that comeback was possible. Its really simple, run the ball, eat the clock, win the game. They could have made that comeback pretty much impossible if they had used any semblance of common sense.


Bama is a lock for the playoff.

Texas is still not back. Fuck me. I did not bet the game because I don’t bet on Texas games but I would have bet my house that Texas would have won that game. How the fuck do you lose your home opener to a bottom half Big 10 team?

Ags losing that game…man. I turned it off at half time thinking they had it in the bag. I really regret not watching their meltdown in real time. UCLA is probably a bad team but Rosen is an NFL starter and that made all the difference in the world.

Michigan destroyed Florida. Game was not close. Two pick 6s made it look close on the box score but anyone watching the game knows otherwise.

Tennessee- G Tech was a fantastic game tonight. I thought for sure G Tech was going to win as I watched the game.