It really does. It’s so much better than Falling Skies, yet that show got, what, five seasons? There is no justice.


When the finale airs, please write up guys if it is satisfying enough to watch the whole show, I am interested but not if it leaves open.

I would make it a law that every show has to get satisfying ending. If you want to cancel it, sure, but give writers/showrunners several extra episodes to wrap things up, dammit.


Finale is this week. :(


Damn. I figured that might happen with the move to Wednesday nights and the seemingly longer delay between Season 2 and Season 3. This sucks, as I agree with the above posts that Season 3 was the best writing and plotline yet for the show. I hope this week’s episode can stand on it’s own as a satisfying conclusion, but I doubt it will since they were riding a high of decent ratings and critical praise when they wrote/produced it. I’m sure they figured Season 4 was a pretty good bet.

Maybe Amazon will pick this up, as Cuse is already working with them on other projects like his Jack Ryan series?


Well, shit. Unless this gets picked up by another network it just ends on an unsatisfying note, boo.


damn that sucks… hope Amazon picks this up it’s a great show.


Season 3 is so damn good, I am about half way thru, damn I am sad this got canned.


I just finished it, and feel the same way. I was hoping they might have written a season finale that could stand as a series finale, even if it did leave a thread or two open, but nope. Not to spoil anything, but it was obvious the writers thought they were getting another season to continue the story.

Now I’m hoping Cuse or someone else who was attached to the production on this pitches it hard to Amazon. Given the direction that story was heading, you’d need an Amazon/Netflix budget to keep going. Unfortunately, both streaming giants seem to have signed a whole slew of sci-fi / fantasy content lately, so there may be no more room for Colony.


I would go to see a Colony movie that wrapped everything up.


Dayumn, what a cliffhanger season 3 ending. So sad this didn’t get picked up anywhere. :(


Yeah, too many people watching crappy reality shows instead of watching something of quality. I don’t get it.


Well that answers my question I guess. I’m seen seasons 1 & 2, was thinking about starting 3 but then saw it was cancelled. If season 3 ended with some sort of conclusion to the show I would watch it, but if it’s basically a big cliff hanger like a season 4 was expected, then there is probably no point in watching season 3.


Season 3 was, unfortunately, the best season of the show in terms of writing, plot development and action. It’s kind of tragic that just as the show seemed to finally be reaching a high point in terms of development, it got canned. All of that does make Season 3 still worth watching though, but yes, the ending will be extremely dissatisfying given the knowledge that there will be no Season 4.


I’d agree that season 3 was the best season. It’s really a shame they slow-rolled the plot. I think if they dropped a lot of the backstory and just started with season 3 the show would have found an attentive market…


Season 3 has such an abrupt shift mid season, it really feels like two (very good) mini seasons. Its not a final ending, but it answers a LOT of questions from seasons 1 and 2 - why are the aliens here, whats going on with the colonies, why do some characters have plot armor, etc?


Thanks, guess I won’t remove it from my TV queue then. I’ll be honest, I was kind of hoping people would tell me it sucked so I can reduce my queue :)


Nope, it was really good, and it sucks it got canceled.


I got excited when this thread bumped. Was hoping it got picked up somewhere. Sigh.


lol yeah me too


sorry, didn’t mean to get everyones hopes up. According to the shows creator it sounds like there is zero chance this will come back in some form. Sounds like they have maybe already tried everything.