Combat Mission: Shock Force

Now if they would just get new damn sound effects and a better web designer, I’d be happy.

I, however, will wait for the Mac version. Despite the initial “we love the Mac!” posts, I think reality set in that the Mac version wasn’t going to be the biggest seller and they should concentrate on the PC version.

Yes, the website is a disgusting pile of bile, which they seem to be very proud of (because it’s revolting, thus proving their HARD CORE nature).

Neither Matrix nor Battlefront actually have good websites. What’s up with that?

I built a nice website in 20 minutes the other day just using Wordpress.

It’s because they think it makes them too legit if they only focus on tech data for tanks and not on how pretty their sites are. I try and tell them it loses them sales and makes them look like clowns, but what can you do?

Well, maybe they’re not a bunch of web site queens, either. Jeezus.