Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


Christien is right but unfortunately I’m away from my computer for the other frames! Take it away and I’ll upload them later!


Well okay then.

The new twenty:



Don’t know what it is, but the ‘dry’ beer window is very narrow - like '91 to '92.


I intend to post frames with ‘ice’ beers and ‘red’ beers next.



Same, but Feds, Bud Dry, and… is that a homemade robot? It can’t be a whole lot of things.


That also looks like a Brolin.


Based on all the evidence, and the fact that there’s only one homemade robot movie I can remember, I’m going to guess Short Circuit?


This is post #5 after the frame was posted. I just had to point that out.

No…it’s not Short Circuit.



The forty:



A Brolin? That’s gotta be Pierce Brosnan. Although the second frame makes that less likely.


I’m pretty sure that’s Jared Kushner in the 40. So, uh, one of the movies produced by Steven Mnuchin?



I’m pretty sure those are Pierce Brosnan and Linda Hamilton, but I can’t remember in which movie they’re together.


Live Wire?


I just recently came across this movie for the first time, and i must admit that this type of plot coupled with a 0% rating on rottentomatoes actually has me intrigued.


Too bad I’m disqualified, because I’m pretty sure I know what the movie is.


Is Live Wire the movie where Pierce Brosnan is the bomb expert whose ex-wife is somehow involved with a wealthy terrorist who has figured out how to make water explosive? It’s terrible, but possibly worth it for a half-remembered scene of Pierce screaming for party goers to stay away from the buffet line or fountain or something…


Yay! Thank you, sinnick! It is indeed Live Wire.


The eighty-whatever:

Such a silly movie. It was a strange pleasure watching it again for Kelly’s exploding people 3x3.

You have the conch, @sinnick!


“All right now…what does R2D2 think?”


Yes. Pretty much!





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