Come guess this movie in the 2017 20:20 game!


Good guess, but not Man Bites Dog.


La Haine?


Holy cats! Is that Vincent Cassel in the foreground? Should I see this?



Hey, nice pull! Yep, it’s La Haine. And here I thought this might go awhile.

And yeah, that’s Vincent Cassel, a very early role for him…and yes yes, you should see it!





To think he went from that to this!


Is that Sheitan? (I realize it isn’t a game entry.)


Beauty and the Beast


Dammit, I actually would have gotten La Haine =/


The new 20:20


The Rocky before Creed?


It’s not the Rocky before Creed.


Is that a joke? It’s Creed right?



It is Creed!

The 40:40

The 60:60

The 80:80

The 100:100

The 120:120

Over to you @ChristienMurawski


I knew it was one or the other. I bet on the wrong horse. Or boxer, as it may.


The new twenty:



Gorky Park


Dang, William Hurt is so young there!


Indeed. In Soviet Russia, though, the frame game wins you!

The forty:


The eighty-whatever:

The one-hundred:

The one-twenty:

This is a weird movie to watch again. The music is weird (James Horner), and the accents are weirder. It’s like, “Okay. None of these American actors can be bothered to learn a Russian accent, so let’s all just slap on some British accents! That’s foreign enough.”

You have the conch, @Jason_Levine!


“Promise me I can have your face when the last breath has left your body.”


Hey, works for every Greek/Roman movie ever made!

I didn’t even realize that was William Hurt.


I would have said a young Josh Charles with an even younger, Godfather-era Duvall.