Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations ("The Harpoon that Never Was")

I really don’t wanna drive anyone away, the opposite in fact. I’d love it if Dimitris came on every so often with a link to a dev blog or interesting AAR or something, rather than just a sale announcement. You know, something to keep the conversation going rather than just a drive-by sale post.

I like this idea.

This is still a game I would love to play, once I have a mountain of time to learn and enjoy it. Harpoon was the first PC game I owned/played when I was younger and this topic still piques my interest.

Does this apply to Steven Peeler as well?

Which is what most of his posts were - in addition to answering questions.

Well they WERE yeah, but lately it’s just been all sale announcements. I went back and looked before I wrote that to be sure.

There were two recent posts - one Oct 18 with links to 2 devblogs and a new release and one 9 days ago calling out the Steam flash sale.

Prior to that, in May-June of last year, 2 posts with devblog links and 1 letting folks know of a coupon sale.

But whatever, great job thread copping this. I’m sure the results will significantly improve discussion of this niche game.

I’m in on the ‘harmless’ side, too—not to mention that I’ve bought a piece or two of Command content based on Dimitris’ posts here. Oh well. Guess I’ll have to go follow them on Twitter now.

With the point being there really hasn’t been any, other than low effort “new DLC, kthxbai” posts.

The key to me is low effort. Someone sneered at me about this a few posts back, but the only difference between QT3 and and some rando comment section is community. And community demands participation. Leave the weak shit drive-by announcement stuff for kotaku or bluesnews.

I don’t disagree, but sometimes that weak shit drive-by announcement stuff on niche titles that don’t otherwise see much action can spur some discussion by said community. Looking back on this topic, the majority of conversation around this game tends to happen in the wake of Dimitris’ posts.

Consider yourself sneered at by me too. A message board doesn’t demand any such thing, that’s ridiculous. Who the hell are you to tell a poster how much effort they should put into this forum? If they aren’t breaking any rules, let them have at it. This busy-bodiedness is silly.

Well my apologies then, I’m clearly in the minority and if Dimitris just wants to drive by every so often I suppose that’s fine.

That was me, except I didn’t sneer and I didn’t say having community wasn’t a good part of QT3, I said that not every single poster has to be part of the community, however you are defining it. A couple drive-by posts a year are fine, it’s not deleterious to the rest of the board in any way.

I agree. Not every post has to come from an active and well known member of the community. How else can we ever grow. But I think this here is also now the right and proper place to celebrate being a community. I <3 you @BrianRubin and @scharmers, even when I at times disagree with y’all.

@Dimitris, I just ran across the game, oddly enough, on a Tacview link. I am intrigued, though fearful I will fall back into my Harpoon hole of so many years back.

Please do continue to let us know when there are updates, sales, etc. I appreciate what Brian and Scharmers are saying, but I also appreciate you keeping Qt3 informed on developments with the game.

I’m anxious to try the game, though a little concerned about recent reviews that mention it hanging, etc. I’ll likely pick it up as soon as I get through the current “frontlog” of games I’m playing. But wouldn’t want to miss a sale, cool module, etc. in the meantime.

Yeah don’t listen to me I’m an asshole.

No, you’re a valued member of the community. Who’s just wrong this time. :)


As an example of things in the pipeline:

A more detailed bathymetric map or an ice age DLC? :P

The former. This makes it easier to exploit different depths for sub/ASW, mine warfare and even amphib ops.

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