Company of Heroes $19.99 Until Wednesday

…at Best Buy.

CD only version I believe. I grabbed it today (price was cheap enough that messing with multiple CDs won’t bother me).

$50 here, boo.

On their website, $20 for CD or DVD.

Here’s the DVD version for that price.

Awesome deal. Sold!

-edit- Just ordered mine and waiting for my Store pickup email to arrive. Thanks again for the heads up! I was waiting to buy this just because I have so many games on my plate right now, but at this price I won’t feel guilty if I don’t get around to it for a while.

I should’ve mentioned that Civ IV is the same price until Wednesday. I figured that wasn’t as big a deal as CoH though.

Ordered! Thanks!

Excellent. Thanks Dave. Now if they will do the same for NWN2.

I think Neverwinter Nights 2 is in one of the Black Friday deals. I’ll try to post that stuff when I see it. I know it’s out there somewhere.

Edit: That was easy…

$24.99 on BF.

Sweet! Let’s see what other game I can come up with and have low, low prices magically produced.

I might have to pick up CoH at that price, although I really didn’t get into the demo other then the stunning graphics and sound. Thanks for posting!

I got it today, anyone for some multiplayer?

There’s a list of Qt3 Relic-Online IDs floating around here somewhere. I haven’t been on much lately, partly because these couple of weeks have been hectic, but also because I’m waiting for them to fix the bug with Axis tank traps.

  • Alan

I’ll be up for matches, but only if some qt3ers will be on. With the patch messing up the tank traps I don’t want to deal with random people right now.

$25 for Battlefield 2142 on Black Friday as well. Boo, hiss, advertising, mod. Yeah, I hate all that too, I really do. But the demo is the best Battlefield experience I’ve ever had, and it’s only $25!

I think Age of Empires 3 is also $25 on Black Friday. If you don’t already have that at this point, you probably don’t care. But there it is.

Edit: Both of these deals are also at Best Buy.

I picked up my copy on DVD for $20, I had it in my queue to buy behind some other games, but at $20 I could not resist! Thanks Best Buy!

BAH! Looks like I’ll be spending $50 on Black Friday grabbing NWN2 and BF2142, as those were the two games on my list ahead of CoH! Haha! Christmas comes early for me!

Now, who can produce a $25 or less deal on Medieval Total War 2? Anyone? Bueller?

Black Friday deals (may need to be a registered CAG to view). What stands out for me: The Outfit (X360) for $10 and NWN 2, BF2142, and AoE 3 for $25 each at Best Buy.

One final Best Buy deal: World of Warcraft 60 day timecard for $20, down from $30. Stock up before the expansion hits. This is a pre-BF deal; it’s going on right now, and it ends 11/22.

I might be at Best Buy for the HDTV anyway, so NWN2 for $25 is sounding good.