Conan Exiles - Funcom, open-world survival


Go north, young man.


Like cold zone north or where? I’m assuming above the desert line?


Follow the spirits, they will lead you to the broken acqueduct, north along the major river. Do not venture into the snows yet, but the upper highlands have bountiful prey, new thralls and dangerous adventures for you.


I will go in search of the secret of steel.




So the survival game reskinned with new options or something brand new? They’ve done the MMO and the survival game. What’s next?


Conan Royale.




An RTS? Boo.


That seems like a horrible IP to use for a RTS.



Have they looked at RTS numbers in the past few years? Are they trying to kill the studio?


It sounds a bit like a tower defense game:

A news release from Funcom touted Conan Unconquered as a fast-paced strategy game “where players face wave after wave of enemies in ever-increasing numbers and difficulty.” Players will have to build and fortify their strongholds to withstand “savage hordes,” and they’ll be able to summon gigantic units (see above) to crush their enemies, see them driven before them, and hear the lamentations of their women.


As I said in the new thread for the game, seems familiar-ish to They Are Billions. Which I guess still broadly counts as Tower Defense, just not in the way you’d expect most TD-style games to play.

They Are Billions sold pretty well though from memory, so I guess Funcom are hoping that lightning strikes twice.


Every Petroglyph RTS I’ve played for the past decade or so has been a miss for me, so seeing a Conan (?!) RTS game doesn’t exactly get me excited.



Star Wars Empire at War
Initial release date: February 16, 2006

Released before 2008, so that sounds about right!


Picked this up on the PS4 holiday sale and I’m loving it. A bit janky to be sure, but the world is huge and super fun to explore. The combat is vaguely Dark Souls Lite and that is a lot of fun. Definitely having way more fun than I thought I would with this one. :)


Was hoping to get this for just $9 from the Gamefly sale but looks like it sold out quickly. Curses! Will keep an eye out for another bargain basement sale and try it out at some point.


Started playing recently and it is very fun. I play these games solo and find the grinding relaxing.

My one huge problem is my corpse has vanished into the ground twice in 8 about 8 hours of play. I am still in early stages so I can replace gear pretty quickly but I see a rage quit on the horizon. Seems like corpse retrieval in this type of game would be at the top of a bug fix list but I can tell from a google search that Funcom has yet to fix it.


Yeah, happened to me a couple of times. It’s not so bad unless you lose a valuable rare. I had a great epic sword I lost that way.


Agreed on a nice relaxing grind solo, that’s how I am playing too. Playing solo you can turn off dropping items on death if you want. I haven’t decided what I prefer, though I do think that having to corpse run adds a layer of tension to exploration. Generally I find I do my exploration with just a sword and my undies so if I die is some remote locale I don’t have to worry about it too much.