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Does Steam server thing have a search? I can’t find one. I was looking for Qt3 but didn’t see anything.


I use the Steam server list to join. I’ve never seen the QT3 server show up when using the in-game server browser. There isnt a search. You have to wait for it to show up. However, I tried to use the Steam list earlier today and it didn’t show up. I had to join by using the ip address. The problem might be from the update release.


It was indeed because of the update. Everything is working fine now. Looking forward to seeing a few more people online!

New Glam shot…


Update broke drinking and filling wineskins from bodies of water, at least on single-player. Apparently you can drink and refill from wells but, dang, that thing costs a ton of resources! Bricks, Iron reinforcements, tar, and… something else. So i’m just eating turtle eggs for now.


For those still leveling there is a bug with exp awarded for using the craft all or craft 10 buttons.

Either some or all of the exp is lost.

The current work around is to craft one thing at a time to ensure proper exp awards.


In my solo game I’m hanging out near a river until they fix the waterskin issue. OTOH that also makes me wait for the fix before I try the Qt3 server. I’ll see you eventually folks.


I’ve decided to move my first fort since it’s bugging out a couple of NPC camps nearby. I’m thinking the server is set to PVP and I should try to make my new fort more secure so I don’t lose my work to a griefer. I’ve tried to make it as hard to raid as possible. I take out the stairs when I logout and there are no flat surfaces to plant explosive pots. I’m going to try to put archers on the balcony to cover the only door. The base of the cave has a bunch of bone piles that seem to block construction. I’m also hoping the cave roof is short enough that a god avatar can’t be spawned and used to take it out. From what I’ve seen, one of those can wipe a big base out in seconds. It’s still a work in progress.

The Citadel of Yog


I have bitten the bullet; started playing a little bit solo this morning to get a feel. Crafted clothes, basic tools and weapons, killed a few hunchbacks before dying of food poisoning and/or hunger. Would like to join the Qt3 server whenever possible.


Since the server is open right now, all you need to do to join is search for Qt3 in the server browser in game. The browser will still take a while to scan all the servers, but the Qt3 server will be the only one to show up in the list. After that, you can add it to your favorites.


Try whistling at me now, ya perv.


Call me when they add magic. Then I’m in.


I’m not sure what I’m missing here, because this doesn’t look like much of a game to me yet:

  • Combat is simplistic
  • The building is OK, but many games do it better
  • There’s little content out yet
  • Character ‘development’ is rudimentary at best

I know it’s EA, but I’m stunned that people find this so fun. Relative to its competition, the primary differentiators appear to be the penis slider and, soon, castration. Still, I’m a Funcom fan and I like the Conan world, so I think this is “uninstall and check back in six months” time :)


I’m new admittedly but I have never found the server by searching it. I got on early by using the direct IP provided to me.

But just now I’m getting a message that my game version and the server game version do not match. Pretty sure my Steam client is updated every time I launch it so I’m guessing the server needs a reboot?


They pushed out a new patch about an hour ago.

Server needs to be updated. We can’t connect until that.


A new patch has been released!

Please restart your game to make sure you have the latest version!

Due to an issue, all server admins are recommended to change their server’s administrator password as soon as their servers are updated to the latest version.


Performance and Tech Fixes
The game should now start more quickly

General Bug Fixes and Improvements
Explosive jars should no longer be stackable on top of each other
The building placement previews are visible once again in Local play
Character Rubberbanding has been reduced
Placeables should no longer lose items stored inside them
Console command ‘Walk’ can now only be used by admins in order to fix an exploit
The ‘History’ filter is back and should now function as intended
Dropping multiple items from inventory should no longer turn them invisible
Using “Loot All” option on corpses and loot bags should now work correctly

Balance and Gameplay Fixes
Waterskins can once again be refilled from the river
Inverted Wooden Roof Wedge and Stonebrick Frame now require Journeyman Craftsman instead of Master Craftsman
Hyenas and spiders are now less dangerous
Fast attacks with Two-handed hammers have been temporarily disabled
Caves near the starting area no longer cause Corruption
The gods of Exiles now prevent you from harvesting the same player corpse for 30 minutes. Attempting to do so will show a “Rigor Mortis” message

If you activate a mod that requires a restart then the game will inform you
Renamed DevKit button to "Conan Exiles Dev Kit"
Fixed Crash when opening the shortcut bar in DevKit
Fixed possible issue with server admin passwords. All server admins should change their admin passwords as quickly as possible following this patch.
Fixed broken mods loading after last patch

Known Issues
We are aware of some issues with Explosive Jars. We expect to have fixes for these next week.
We are also aware of the existence of issues with related to jump “boosting” or jump-crouching. We have a fix and expect to roll it out soon.
We are aware that players may occasionally be sent to the Main Menu while loading and can interact with the menu. We are working on a fix.


Server updated


What does this mean? Did they get an unintended buff in the prior patch? They’ve never really been much trouble for me solo…

Glad they fixed the waterskins…I was dying for a drink!


Found the Qt3 server for a fraction of a second on the game search. And then it was gone before I could favorite. Might someone send me the direct IP?

@GuildBoss I believe it was because hyenas could damage T2 buildings. Not sure about spiders.


Would like to ask for some advice from experienced players. Not looking for a hand-out, but want to understand some of the mechanics better and get a sense for what some earlier priorities might be.

Knocked around a bit solo in a few sessions self-hosted; didn’t get far. Since have re-rolled (PeaCHan) on the Qt3 server. Spoke in general chat briefly with Kono (I think?) but otherwise have been playing solo.

I’ve managed finally to become self-sufficient. am about level 7 or 8. Built a small 2x1 shack (shelter), have a cooking fire, made a bow to hunt food with. Have boxes with materials, keep a spawn point by my base, etc.

Am finding it very easy to kill the hunchbacks (Imps?) - the other exiles however are a different story. They tend to come in packs of three and overwhelm me. A couple of times I have killed them when I only draw one.

Do I keep leveling up before moving on, what recipies should I prioritize? Have I done pretty much all there is to do on the shores of Noob River? I only understand I’m at the southern edge on the river and that the farther north and west it becomes more difficult. Should I explore to the east?

I have seen a wondrous structure built into a stone column across the river from me; stairs going up and around and a palatial cliff-dwelling sort of fortress. Doors are locked to me of course.

Again - I don’t want to have it spelled out or to have someone just drop by in-game and power level me or something… just want a push in some direction.


Packs of anything can be tough until you start getting into the higher armor/weapons.

In plant fiber/stone stuff you will probably die vs more than one of anything.

Things are generally tougher on the north side of the river. Currently you should focus on vit/str with vit being a bit stronger at the current balance.

Focus on getting Iron broadsword and the light armor set (lvl 10ish) and you will see a big difference in survivability.

Some of those structures down south are our early bases, you can’t get in cause you aren’t in Hellrazors tribe yet. Been meaning to go down and clean up some of those to open spots to new folks.

Holler if you need help or want a tribe invite, we are also usually in the discord channel.