Congratulations gamers. You made Anno 1800's cosmetic DLC a success.

Congratulations gamers. You made Anno 1800’s cosmetic DLC a success. I hope you’re all happy. This is where we are. We’ve gotten to the point that Ubisoft Mainz is crowing about the “success and the extremely positive reception” of the cosmetic DLC they sold last year for Anno 1800. They’re going to repeat the pattern this year and publish three packs of DLC that decorate your virtual towns in different ways. There’s even going to be a community vote on one of the themes they’ll make. The first of this year’s installments, the “Seasonal Decorations Pack” will launch on February 15th. I suppose we should be happy that Anno 1800 doesn’t yet have NFTs.

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I’m just pleased Anno 1800 is doing so well, it really is a wonderful game. I haven’t personally indulged in the cosmetic stuff (though I have all three season passes so I am, in a broader sense, certainly part of the “problem”) but I will say that I understand the appeal of cosmetic DLC in a city builder a lot better than I do in most other contexts.

I barely use cosmetics to begin with so I won’t be buying the new stuff.

Lots of gamers love decorating their shit. What’s the problem?

I’ve always thought of buying cosmetics like buying a t-shirt from a band I like. You’re saying “I really appreciate what you’re doing, take some more of my money”.

That’s a good way to see it.

Except that the band isn’t a group of charismatic artists. Its a game sweatshop owned by a large conglomerate.

If the band has a bad album/tour, they try again.

If the game is not successful, the DLC doesn’t appear and the bugs don’t get fixed. Apples meet oranges.

Most importantly, the plan to make the game is : charge $200. How to shake people down for that much? Initial game cost + 5 DLCs. Now begin to construct the game + DLCs.

They were addons - afterthoughts - in the past, but now they’re prepared in advance and released on a drip feed (Far Cry 6 DLC was complete at launch, just not available except in teasers). Give me my $200 game! If its that good i’ll pay that much.

Does someone want to buy my Skyrim Horse Armour?

What if the cosmetics I’m buying are for single developer games? I play a lot of incrementals, and some sell a few cosmetics to support the developer.

My comments were more general, despite the thread they are in. I don’t even play anno 1800.