Connecting multiple devices to wifi in family room

If anyone else faced the same issue I had recently, in which you’ve got multiple ethernet-capable devices in your family room, such as an XBox 360 and Tivo, I’d highly recomend the Buffalo ethernet converter I recently purchased.

The device has three advantages over any of the competing “wifi gaming adapters”, the first being that it allows you to plug up to four ethernet devices into it for full access to your wireless network.

The device also tends to run cheaper than most of the single-device ethernet bridges. You can find it for $79 at your local Best Buy, or $59 on New Egg.

And the Buffalo device is far more compatible with a range of wireless routers than the official Microsoft 360 USB adapter, while getting a much stronger signal than the USB adapter recommended for my LG DVR.

Seconded. I’ve got an Xbox 1, Xbox 360 and a HTPC hooked through a Buffalo wifi extender and it is awesome.

Or you could just buy a $30 whr-g54s and flash it with ddwrt. I have my tivo series3, xbox, and slingbox pro plugged into my ddwrt’d router, using it as a bridge.