Consignment artwork?

I’m thinking about getting some custom shirts made and need a logo designed. Does anyone know of a place to get an artsy-type person to do some work? I’d like to work with someone and give them a few elements, then have them alter and arrange them as I cannot do.


I think you mean commissioned artwork?

We’ve had good results with

If you say so.


Wow, that site is awesome. Been thinking of commissioning a personal logo lately. That site looks like such a perfect solution.

Neat if you’re a company with 200-500$ to spend. But at this point doesn’t everyone know an artist friend, these days of the internets, paid in cold-from-the-fridge 6 packs?

Please tell me you’ll also be commissioning a theme song and possibly hiring a dude to follow you around playing it on the trumpet.

I got one of those guys from Dragonforce. He’ll follow me around and whale on the guitar.

Actually, it was more of a musing question than a correction. I’ve never heard consignment used in this context, so I was curious, that’s all.

Will you make my logo? If not, have your friends contact me, I have six-packs, but no artsy friends.


What a cool site! I’m surprised so many talented artists are willing to work on the mere possibility of payment.