Cooling question

My desktop pc is running at 45c outside of games and overheating like a moron otherwise. I must ask the oppinion of ye hardware wyzyrds:

What case, heatsink and fans should I buy (please provide links) to cool a p4 2.8c ht with 800 mhz fsb on an intel pbzlk board? I dont wanna go nuts spending but I want quality

Thank ye

Assuming you have proper airflow, sounds more like the existing heatsink isn’t on there properly (or you have improper airflow). Make sure your case fun is running correctly, etc.

That said, my favorite is still the Zalman CNPS7000AlCu, which is like $30 at Fry’s. Big (make sure you have clearance), quiet, and cool (and has an integrated fan).

By this, he means “papers in order”. It’s that big :)

Re-seating the cooling unit after scraping off the old thermal paste and
reapplying some new (Arctic Silver recommended, after trying several
no-names) has helped me with two problematic systems.

Some also say sanding down the block of metal to even it out can help…
get very fine-grained sanding paper if you dare trying that.

Flat cables are right out - replace all harddrive cables that could
potentially block airflow. Read some tutorials on hardware/overclocking
sites about fan placement.

I’ll recomend this fan too. Except for the fact that it recently started making godawful noises after a year and a half of use. But I’ve bought another to replace it so the recommondation still stands.

Thermalright XP-90 coupled with some high speed 92mm Panaflo fans

personally I went with this one:

Ok, so I found the problem in my case: the heatsink under the fan was matted with lint and the such. I blew it out with some compressed air and my wife says its running up to 20 degrees cooler now. BUT, World of Warcraft still restarts the PC while she’s playing. I thought it could be heat at first, but now I don’t think it is. Anyone else have this problem?

Bad RAM or bad drivers.

I would test the memory. Use Prime95 or Memtest or whatever.

– Xaroc

new drivers and I doubt it’s the ram, but I’ll try it. I saw something on the wow boards that other people were having the same problem.

its passed all the stress tests now