Cop Shooting Thread


Yeah, the fact he’s not even removed from active duty is disgusting. I hope she sues.


These cops need to start going to actual prison for this shit. The fact that they are effectively not held accountable in any meaningful way is why this shit keeps happening.


Having a police state kinda leads to these sort of things.



The “good cop” is actually hospital security. If you watch the video you’ll see it on his patch.


He’s just passionate. For threatening random people on the street and abusing his position.

But he apologized. Well, not to the person he threatened, but good enough apparently.


I thought he was campus police (the hospital is located on the University of Utah campus)?


The guys in green with the distended guts had a security armpatch like the one shown on the UoH page.

Doesn’t look like they are cop cops. No guns or cuffs and given the shape they’re in I doubt they could chase down a toddler without getting winded. Good for restraining a psych patient though.


I mean… it was a joke.

Because we all know cops never just ignore other cops doing horrific shit.

I mean there is also this guy:


And lest anyone forget why this all happened:

We’re all aware that the cop didn’t do this because he’s lazy, right? It was essentially part of a cover up
The patient was the victim of a head on car crash, instigated by a high speed police pursuit against department policy
The other driver–the suspect–died in the crash. So why did the cop want the victim’s blood? To find something to disparage the victim…
And excuse the police from instigating the deadly car chase. This is not really uncommon, relatively speaking. Other cop on video saying…
No probable cause. It’s not that they didn’t want to go to effort of getting a warrant, they knew no judge would sign one.
Also, the Supreme Court decision holding it unconstitutional to draw blood w/o consent or warrant came down last year. The cop…
Is a trained phlebotomist in the police blood draw unit. There is no way he was unaware of a SCOTUS case that directly controlled his work
So this is incredible in that its actually worse than the video shows–it’s criminal abuse of power in at least three ways
Oh, and dept reviewed video w/in 12 hrs, did nothing til it went viral. If you think he’s just a rogue cop, you’re not paying attention
Source for most facts:
Turns out, victim was off duty Idaho cop. Nurse Wubbels was arrested for protecting an unconscious officer from abuse by another officer.



What was the cop’s justification for the arrest? Let’s say, for argument’s sake, that the blood draw was legal. They still can’t make a private citizen do it. At most, her employer can choose to fire her for not carrying out a job task. But, a cop can’t walk up to someone and force them to do something (make me a frap, barista! I need it to arrest this guy!) and then arrest them if they refuse.

What, exactly, was the probable cause of a crime committed by the nurse to justify the arrest?


She was being arrested for Failure To Respect Mah Authoritah.


This is hilarious, but depressingly true. Well done.

This is super-obviously a cop who doesn’t even pretend to think that he’s bound by the law. How can you enforce it if you have to obey it? Fuckin’ liberals.


He has a badge and a small penis.

Seriously, he had no justification. I’m sure he filed it under obstruction of justice or something similar, but forcing someone to commit a crime has no justification, especially as a cop. Wouldn’t be the first time cops “arrested” someone and then never really filed anything because it was just a bullshit power trip. Since they get away with it… basically every time, not many people try to get a lawyer and hold them accountable, because you almost always lose anyway.

I mean, imagine this wasn’t filmed, he could say whatever he wanted. Juries don’t believe people over police 99% of the time anyway.


What happens if you dial 911 and tell them you need help, that a law enforcement officer is coercing and intimidating you to break the law?


They shoot you


The Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy shot New Carlisle News photog Andy Grimm in the side as unloaded a tripod from his vehicle to snap pics of a traffic stop around 10 p.m. Monday.

“He said there was no warning, no ‘show me hands’ or ‘drop what you have,” the paper owner said, while changing Tuesday’s front page to reflect his son’s shooting around 3 a.m.


More worryingly:

“Andy does not want him to get fired,” Grimm said, calling the shooting a misunderstanding.

misunderstanding obviously has a different definition your side of the Atlantic. Here it generally doesn’t mean getting shot.


No, the guy is either an idiot, or acting under lawyer advice, because I wouldn’t want him fired, I’d want him jailed.