Cop Shooting Thread




Because it’s the Cop thread and they’re terrible.




Probably the most cost effective way to
get… undesirables off the streets.


Not a cop shooting anyone, just being a douche.


Having spent some time in fast food and retail back in my younger years, I’ve seen receipts flagged “police” before as a record-keeping thing to explain any freebies/drawer shortages.


Thing is Farva didn’t give a shit they spit in his food.



Just to remind everyone what giant pieces of incompetent shit the LAPD are. A few days ago a guy ran into a Trader Joe’s after fleeing police. On his way in, of course, the idiotic police shot right into the store and killed the store manager:

Guy surrendered peacefully, I’m sure the LAPD will get off scott free and blame it on him.

What a bunch of goddamn idiots. They must be the most poorly trained police force in the entire world. Rule #1 in gun safety is to always check your background before shooting. These yahoos just opened up with a store full of people as their backstop.

Really, don’t live in LA. They are as dangerous as the criminals at this point.


Honestly that was my first thought when I saw someone had been shot in the store. I figured it was a stray bullet from a cop.


It’s pretty terrible. They have almost no regard for human life, they love shootouts. I’d almost not stop for them in L.A. and wait until I was in Orange County before stopping. Get some witnesses at least before interacting with them. Though they’d probably shoot the witnesses.





John Galman and Spencer Sutton — rookies who graduated from the police training academy in December and had not yet completed a required probationary period — were booked on counts of simple battery in connection with an incident that sent the civilian to the hospital.

Man, what kind of folks are these police departments hiring?

Vol football players stick together.

When a woman accused A.J. Johnson of rape, teammate Geraldo Orta stood by him.

When another teammate helped Johnson’s accuser call police, Orta called that teammate a traitor.

Four years later, Orta’s traded his helmet and pads for a police badge and uniform.

Orta entered the Knoxville Police Department’s academy three years after the rape accusations against teammates A.J. Johnson and Michael Williams. He’s assigned to the KPD Teleserve desk, where he takes reports and draws a salary of $39,922.21 per year, city records show.



Kindergartner advice, adapted


Cato taking on Qualified Immunity? Yes, please.


Anyone surprised? Some pretty basic security failures mentioned there, including the potential for malware opening up other police systems that happen to connect to bodycams.

The bit about the video not being digitally signed to prevent tampering…call me paranoid, but I’d be unsurprised to learn that was an unofficial feature.


A lot to parse in this one. The lady doesn’t speak English, lived across the street from where the police confronted her. She was harvesting dandelions for cooking on the land of a Boys and Girls Club. The cops didn’t just storm in and tase her, they tried to talk to her for some time and one even took a pocketknife out and tossed it on the ground to illustrate what they wanted her to do. When she was shot, she was trying to enunciate the name of a relative who spoke English.

Still, it’s hard to imagine that shooting this woman with a taser was the only course of action open to the cops. This line from the police chief seems pretty lame to me:

[Police chief] Etheridge said he realizes that some people might ask why the officer didn’t just retreat. But he said had the officer backed up down the sloping terrain, he could have fallen and accidentally shot the woman.

Your cops are so inept that they can’t walk backwards without shooting civilians? Do you allow them to drive cars?