Cop Shooting Thread


No, not in the aggregate. Local governments get a lot of funding from state and federal governments, which are in turn funded by federal and state income taxes and property taxes, but those funds largely go to support schools and housing programs. I’m sure there are some federal and state transfers to cops, but it’s a small portion. After that, it’s mostly sales taxes, excise taxes and service fees. There are a lot more not-rich people than rich ones.

Cops support wealthy people because wealthy people have power. They’re the ones who run things, and the cops work for them.

Edit: I shouldn’t say ‘no’. Numbers are difficult to find. But I doubt that income taxes from rich people constitute a greater portion of a cop’s salary than all other revenue sources, and I doubt that rich people contribute more revenue to sales taxes, excise taxes, service fees than all other people combined.


Only 2% of local revenue coming (directly) from income taxes is much lower than I had guessed!

But let me throw this idea out: a single large hypothetical kickback from a multi-millionaire might be more attractive than a hundred smaller hypothetical kickbacks from poorer people. It would be easier to hide, at least. There must be some analogous but mostly legal mechanism in the tax code?

Anyway, I still think money is the bigger factor along with shared “values” since everyone knows the poor have no values. /s


Our daily reminder that cops are people too. Trained people with really, really poor judgement.

Hendren’s partner told Hendren and Alix “that they shouldn’t be playing with guns and that they were police officers,” police said in the statement.

“He felt uncomfortable with them playing with guns and didn’t want to have any part of it and started to leave."

Hendren took the gun back and pulled the trigger.

“As [Hendren's partner] left the room but before leaving the apartment, he heard a shot," police said.

Alix was struck in the chest.

Hopefully investigators will do more than take their word for this.


PD Commissioner: “accidental discharge of a weapon”

Except. There are no “accidents” when handling a gun. You either intend the action or you’re negligent. And an idiot. People need to stop using that word when weapons are involved.



Sounds suspicious as hell. His partner leaves the room because he doesn’t want to be part of a game of Russian roulette yet has no problem with one of them likely dying? Got to be complete bullshit. Hope the true story comes out, whatever it is. An affair? Covering up something else that the victim discovered? Who knows.


Yeah. How bad is your actual behavior if your made-up excuse is you were playing Russian Roulette? It’s like it couldn’t have been me robbing that liquor store because at that moment I was miles away trying to pick up kids on the Internet.



About that.

The circuit attorney said that police initially told investigators that the shooting was an “accident,” and also characterized it as a “mishandling” of a firearm.

Circuit Attorney Kimberly M. Gardner’s letter called such conclusions troubling.

“In my opinion, it is completely inappropriate for investigators to approach a crime scene that early in the investigation with a pre-disposed conclusion about the potential outcome of a case,” she wrote. "It’s particularly troublesome given that the Force Investigative Unit is required to conduct objective investigations of officer-involved shootings.

“I understand your need to get information out to the public quickly regarding officer-involved shooting cases, however, the labeling of any criminal incident as an accident prior to a full investigation is a violation of our duty as objective fact finders.”

Gardner’s office said it is conducting an independent investigation of the shooting, and the Missouri State High Patrol will assist.


I really am loathing this weasel wording, and how it doesn’t get challenged. Passive voice wording to minimize the actual actions.


They probably took all his money as civil asset forfeiture too:

I think this may be one reason so many in law enforcement are against legalizing weed - the loss in forfeiture bucks.


Time and again it’s been proven that cops need no excuse to seize property. The gravy train will keep rolling until the Supreme Court stops it. It makes me angry that nobody has brought a case yet, given how brazen the thievery has been. The idea that it’s only people who are innocent until proven guilty, and that property has no such rights, seems insane to me.


The cop “comply or die” automatons really need a software update.




This is exactly what we’re going to get in those wet dream scenarios that some gun owners fantasize about. A cop or other gun owner is going to shoot you dead, especially if you’re a minority trying to save the day.



The link in that Tweet isn’t loading for me. But I’m guessing he’s talking about this shootout that left 2 people dead and four officers shot?


That’s the one.

Basically these two were at home when the cops kicked in their door and shot their dog. So the man shot the invader and his wife tried to disarm them. Then the cops outside shot her dead. He was a little upset and shot at them too and they shot him dead.

All… for no reason apparently. The cops faked the “evidence” they used for the warrant.


That’s just horrible! And it sounds criminal. It is criminal right?