Counterpart: A parallel world spy thriller


Maybe (though they haven’t had the same issue with it). But then we haven’t really seen the reception on "our"side, or anyone coming from “our” side going over to theirs.


We have seen the process in both directions, actually.


Not in any detail, except when Emily does it. And only on her end.


I like it so far, but it is a bit variable. The second episode wasn’t very interesting, but it did step things up in the third. Hopefully it keeps improving.

They’ve managed to build some good visuals, and the leads are doing a good job overall.


I’ve just seen the third episode - This is pretty awesome. I like that the narrative is rather old-school, and actually more like spy thriller show, and taking its sweet time with everything, than some stupid action show. This really feels like a grown-ups show, and then from Starz? I’m impressed.

Also - the twist? I did not the that coming! It now competes with Star Trek for monday time slot goodness!


Fourth episode didn’t disappoint. I’ve always have this notion that the dripping of episodes week by week, as compared to the Netflix dump it all out approach, or even the buy the bluray/dvd and be at the mercy of your self control, forces a lingering savouring of what each episode had to offer. That’s assuming whatever show it is, is that deep to begin with. And I am quite glad this is dripping out week by week, as it’s a pleasure to anticipate and enjoy.


Yup, fourth episode was pretty fun.


The show definitively does a lot of things right. I agree with the comments that it feels less modern in some ways, and I am surprised at how well the “Cold War, but between to parallell realities” bit is working.


Five episodes in, I am really enjoying this collision of “Orphan Black” and a John Le Carre novel.

Anyone else notice this, at the start of episode three?

(Cosima is a character in OB. If you don’t know that, stop watching this and go watch OB right away, as it’s better!)


Well, tonight’s final reveal was quite something. Big doings!

BTW what was up with the coffee or tea cup stains that somehow led Quayle to the realization he came to?


It matches his coffee cup, which means that the document is a copy of his private copy in his safe in his house and the only person (besides him) who could be routinely accessing that is his wife.


Loving the intro so much. They stuck the landing on the finale, too!


So, what’s the view about the technology choices in the offices in Berlin?

The green luminescent monochrome monitors in Berlin’s spook agencies are the early to mid-80s office vibe which seems so discordant. It’s a deliberate set direction of course, as they are trying to use tech cues to confuse us as to which world is ours, which isn’t; when is then, when is now. etc… That discordance is meant to draw the eye and cue a “wtf?” among viewers.

But if you stick with it long enough and pay attention, you notice that in “our” Berlin the office has dozens of 1984 Green monochrome monitors, and in the same Berlin, the GO playing professor has a 24" 1080p flat screen monitor on his desk and it’s all iPhones and similar cellpones.

Or, maybe, they are playing with our heads and that isn’t so… Maybe.

Anyway, Counterpart has proved to be an unlooked for masterpiece of entertainment and thoughtful story-telling and acting.

We really are living in the Golden Age of television.


When they were negotiating with the other side over deep oil locations and stuff, one person took a call on their iPhone and he was reprimanded because it’s a breach of protocol to show the other side the device. I’m assuming the computer monitors are the same – in an office that might host a guest from the other side, they use old tech on purpose.


One of the things I like about Counterpart is how little it focuses on technology. It is refreshing after a lot of shows have dealt with surveillance and techno-thrillers really well.


My assumption was that they simply use old tech for security reasons. One major advantage is that such old tech wouldn’t be networked like today’s, that’s one of the main reason why the US still uses it’s ancient computer hardware for a lot of their nulcear weapons => security by obscurity.
Though the other suggestions put forward sound just as valid. :)


Watching tonight’s show , and…

while we now know that Clare is a horrible terrorist spy and all (and likely a killer–I’m mid-episode) I just can’t understand how Quayle has been stepping out on HER before he knew that. Iranian hotness, British accent, the whole nine yards. Sheesh.

And wow is that some effed up stuff that went down this episode. And Quayle is the worst field agent EVAR.

After the show:

Is anyone but Quayle believing Clare’s change of heart? My guess is she makes sure that he has an “accident.”


This was a REALLY intense episode. I can’t get enough of this show - tense, exciting, and wow…the twists and turns!


Getting good!

Ok, maybe it was obvious to everyone else but I finally saw that the dimension door is just an allegory to Berlin being the gateway between East and West in the old Cold War.

“We” have more advanced electronics, they are better at inserting illegal spies and moles.


Holy shit, this show is flirting with true greatness. It was already good, and it just keeps getting better and better.

Ultimately you end up becoming a spy in your own life. This is kind of blowing my mind.