Coup in Zimbabwe


Earlier today, videos came out with armored troop transports flowing toward the capital, Harare. Explosions have now been reportedly, and supposedly soldiers have taken over the state broadcast center. The US embassy has a “shelter in place” order.


Some context:

It’s one of those tough ones. Coups are almost never good, but getting rid of Mugabe and preventing his wife from being his successor could be a positive thing. I just really hope there isn’t any bloodshed or chaos, and that long term the people and animals in the national parks make it out ok. My wife and I really wanted to visit Zimbabwe, but given the instability the potential is looking remote for the foreseeable future.


Yeah, I don’t know whether this will be a net negative for the population or not.


I wonder how Trumpy is going to react? Mugabe says nice things about him. Dictator recognizes game.


Yeah, I’m hoping this is a net positive, but it could go from bad to worse REALLY quickly



Military claims to have Mugabe in custody for his own safety or whatever.


“We’re not against the king, just the wicked advisors who have been misleading him.”


Mostly his wife by what we’re hearing. They wanted the VP to take over because of his close ties to the military.


They did an old-school coup with a guy in uniform reading a statement on TV. It almost makes me nostalgic.


That statement is actually pretty good, as coup statements go.


Imagine if its all true? I mean - if every single word spoken my Maj Gen SB Moyo is the truth, and that they saw injustice, recognized that the laws of their country was unable to cope with the level of corruption, and decided to act on it? Then Maj Gen SB Moyo is a hero.

I have no idea if its true though, but its an interesting thought, because its what a lot people are SAYING around the world, and why in many places those that say they will “Clean up the place” with “Extreme prejudice” are gaining traction, are suddenly elected to high office and gaining more votes. Even in little Denmark we have those kind of people, who, 10 years ago would have seemed silly populists who sprouted nazi nonsense, but now? Now they are a part of the system, and gaining more and more votes.



And the irony is that it’s entirely possible that the army guy from the coup is more reliable as a news anchor than the ones he replaced.


We need to send some bloggers over there to find out what’s really going on.


I know it’s hard to accept being shipped off to the old folks’ home, but it’ll be a lot more dignified if he doesn’t make the army come in and drag him out.


It’s not a coup as if it is a coup then Zimbabwe get automatically kicked out of the African Union and the Southern African Development Community.



insert “This is fine” gif


Zimbabwe is not a good place to live.