Crazy Dell LCD price

30-inch widescreen down to $1,279.20… daaaaamn.

The 20 incher was 239 a few days ago.

Apparently the 20" LCD uses some kind of bargain bin type panel, and it has been causing a bit of a stir. It may not have the same quality of the 2007WFP.

Yeah, the price on that 30" is very tempting. I damn near pulled the cc trigger on it this weekend, but I just don’t have a graphics subsystem that can drive that resolution smoothly. At least yet.

The 2007 is the 20"; you’re thinking of the 2407, which is the 24".

No, there’s a new bargain 20" which was the cheap one (the 207 I think) has no TV inputs, a different panel, etc.

Yeah, that’s right. The new cheaper one only has VGA and DVI inputs, no USB connectors, no height adjustment and a different slightly cheaper panel. Still, for $289 MSRP, that’s a pretty smokin’ deal.