Crime runs rampant in Canadian town:


That’s awesome. My takeaway from that news report is that I should have a landline phone so that police can quickly apprehend somebody stealing my potato chips when I call it in on 911. Growling chihuahua!

I must go sample some before they’re all truly gone!

Hey, I live in Saanich! Awesome that all three vaguely relevant police forces responded, and they held a press conference. The girls should’ve just shared some of their bud, and potato chips, with the cops in order to get them to look the other way.

I feel their pain. Pretty much no 24 hour fast food or shopping in the area and it’s a long haul back to UVic.

BC tax dollars hard at work. HUZZAH!

LOL @ the follow up -

I’ve learned that I need to stockpile some of those Zellers chips for eventual fortune-making on eBay.

I love the chip-eating-while-walking demonstration the reporter gives halfway through the clip.

Is this real or an Onion News article? That cop looks like he’s muffling a grin the entire time like David Spade during a Chris Farley skit.

Oh, it’s quite real. Police aren’t kept all that busy around here.

Since we’re on Vancouver Island news, looks like the Sandwich Police are making progress on another fairly widely publicized case.

“Apparently the chips had been accessed and there had been illicit chip tastings.”

I swear that cop was trying to ham this up Batman-style.

Edit: ah he was, finally giving up the straight face when he stated that “these were first time chip offenders”.

Sounds like the Frito Bandito’s on the loose again.

Just when I thought I couldn’t laugh any harder…“Growling chihuahua”…tears…