CryEngine V announced - Pay what you want

Optimized for VR, VR, VR!

Instead of a subscription license, Crytek is going with a PWYW model.

Crytek is asking developers to contribute what they can from professional projects. In addition, a percentage of that money can be allocated to the company’s developer fund, which is launching with $1 million of company money.

The actual money will be made from the asset store.

I prefer Godot for now, but it’s good to have more free(-ish?) options.

Whenever I see this, I now think immediately “Oh great, here comes a bunch of quickly thrown together junk that will flood onto Steam, especially now that it’s free.” As cool as a lot of these new engines are, it allows ANYONE to make a game, even if they don’t have the slightest idea what makes a GOOD game. :)

It also allows people like Vic Davies, who has produced the most wonderful games in Director, to make games without having to resort to programming in Machine Code language which is great.

There is nothing new about this - There will always be people making shitty games.

Not everyone should learn to read and write and be able to understand our holy bible. Imagine what horrible things people could do if they had our knowledge.

So, how does this fit in with the Amazon offering? Is it basically the same engine? I have confused…

CryEngine pay what you want is now up.

So, when is Star Citizen moving over to this version of the engine?

Most likely never. Their own programmers are creating a DirectX 12 implementation for Star Citizen’s heavily modified engine, which seems to be the main draw of CryEngine V aside from VR support.

I would be more interested in what the Kingdom Come devs will do. Deliverance is just the first installment in a series of games, so it will be interesting to see if they transition to CryEngine V or even a different engine altogether for their next title. Warhorse Studios is smaller than CIG, and seemingly more dependent on their engine’s developer.

Someone tweeted a piece of code from the CryEngine, and man, calling it ugly is a huge compliment. If that is an indication of the code quality of the rest of the engine, I’d never want to put my hands on that at all. :)

Source ?

Yes, it was.

I would guess that Cry5 is based on 4,3,2,1 so the codebase is a mix of a lot of different coding styles.
Or was it built from the ground up?