Crysis Remastered - But can Nintendo Switch run Crysis?

The second game was the first that had to fit into consoles right? It had to be more constrained. Allowing for that I enjoyed it.

With Ray Tracing!

I think Crysis 2 in itself is a fine game, but if you came there as someone who enjoyed the gameplay of Far Cry and Crysis 1, the far more linear level design and the mini-sandbox approach certainly were a bit of a turn-off. I myself was somewhat bored by the setting because NYC had been done by so many games in that era, e.g. GTA 4, Prototype 1&2, the Spider-Man games and so on, so I found it to be a step back from the tropical island thing Crysis 1 had going for it.

I kinda prefer 3 over 2 because the former goes back to haven more open level approach from 1 while merging it with the elements that had worked in 2. And while it’s still set in NYC, it’s set further in the future and thus is more interesting.

I was just playing The Division 2 and as I fought up Park Avenue to Grand Central I did have flashbacks to doing the same thing in whichever Crysis that was…

strange, not sure if the new name Cyisis will fly on the Switch. Maybe intentional, who knows.

Yes, please!

Well, thats not a Crytek game so I doubt they will remaster it. However if your “they” is meant as a more general “game developers”, then yeah I’d also love to see a FC2 remaster.

They, as in Ubisoft, already remastered Far Cry 3 so at least there’s a precedent for remastering a game in the series.

Seems statistically more likely you’ll get another Ubigame that happens to be set in Africa. Maybe Far Cry 6.

Now I can’t unsee it. Damn it @Telefrog.


now I look like a fool

The plot thickens. The remasters (yes, plural) will be “co-created” by Saber Interactive. Tim Willits went there when he left ID last year.
Willits twittered about the remasters concentrating on the single players campaigns. This could indicate the stand-alone add-on Warhead could be included.

I really hope Warhead is included, it was probably my favorite after the original classic.

Warhead was my favorite, period.

I have quite a few posts about Crysis in the Crysis thread, but none in the Crysis Warhead thread, so I went looking, and I found this post about it in a game of the month thread:

It’s funny hearing myself talk about the keyboard and mouse controls. I think the last first person shooter I played with keyboard and mouse was actually Crysis Warhead, given that this post is from September 2010, and Bioshock 2 came out earlier in 2010, and that was the last major release that I played from beginning to end with mouse and keyboard I think.

The only one I can think of after that where I kept switching back and forth between M/K and gamepad was Borderlands, where I would switch to M/K only when I was using the sniper rifle.

Crytek clarified some details.

  1. No Warhead, just Crysis.
  2. Ginormous list of technical shit gets added.
  3. Tim Willits’ use of the plural was ignored.
  4. Release in the summer. July or so.

My thoughts:

  1. Makes sense from a business perspective. Both Crysis and Warhead had long campaigns according to today’s standards. So why not sell them alone and bundle them later…
  2. Can my PC run Crysis?
  3. But why would they contract Saber Interactive to remake only the vanilla game, if the stand-alone add-on uses pretty much identical assets and tech?! I would be very surprised if we don’t hear about a Warhead remaster soonish.
  4. So it’s basically already finished or in late beta, given a 2-3 months approval run for PS4 and XBone.

Leak says it launches on July 23rd.

Almost time to resurrect your favorite “But can it run Cyrsis?” memes.

Oops. Launch delayed.

MS accidentally released the trailer yesterday