CS: Source stabby stabby hordes

While reading an interview with the designers of Left For Dead (that upcoming zombie survial game), I read that they got the idea from playing a variation of Counterstrike: Source where it was the CTs armed to the teeth against a horde of Ts armed with only knives.

I tried it out the other day and it’s exciting as hell and much harder than it sounds. They duck and weave your shots, rush in gangs, hide, sneak around, and generally it’s intense.

I’m going to run a CS: Source server today and run some games of this variation. If anyone here would like to join, feel free.

Game name: ELGUAPO
password: stabby

Stabby stabby!

My Steam name is elguapo_dc

pffft… lost plaaaaanet.

Team Fortress had a map like that called Sawmill: a couple of guys with miniguns against a hoarde with axes, in a tiny boxlike room. It was more of a light diversion than a real level.

If you’re looking for a fun CS:S variant,