Culdcept Saga shipping?

This review makes it kind of sound like it, or maybe it released in Japan first? I confused! Help me!

(It also makes it sound good :-D I am very excited for some strange reason… the Culdcept games always sounded neat, but I never owned a PS2, so it’s just vague long-frustrated curiosity I guess…)

Gamebrink has no qualms about both reviewing imports and overrating games.

Man, you are in for a treat. I have a feeling this game’s online is going to catch on pretty well around here. CCG + boardgame hybrid… with multiplayer on the 360? I can’t WAIT.

What is the latest news on the NA release?

I’ve seen many screenshots recently of the cards showing English script. Since the review obviously states that the voiceovers are in English, I’m wondering if the Japanese version also has the ability to play in full English speech and script.

<edit> Doesn’t matter. The title is region locked.

I need this game.