Curious Expedition -- 19th C. Pulp FTL

I agree with ydejin - Curious Expedition is a lot of fun and has more depth than the screenshots and descriptions make it seem.

I’ve played as much of this as I have Renowned Explorers, and they’re both really good in different ways. My only real complaints with Curious Expedition are I feel it could really use more general content (You’ll see the majority of locations/events in one playthrough which is only a couple hours, which is kind of a shame) and maybe some more viable play-styles. Currently it seems weighted heavily in favor of showing up guns-blazing in every location since bulldozing everything for as much treasure as possible allows you to snowball your funds and equipment far better than anything else. The biggest part of the gameplay is provisioning well and getting a good feeling for moving on the map, larger contiguous moves burns less sanity than short ones, etc.

Rats, I was hoping to see a “hey, it’s a final release now!” post when I saw this thread bumped.


Hey, it’s a final release now!

Or, at least will be tomorrow, when Curious Expedition goes to 1.0.

I’m streaming this tomorrow, too. I meant to stream Deus Ex, but I fired it up, watched the 12-minute “previously…on Deus Ex” movie, started playing it, and got an overwhelming feeling of ennui. Then I uninstalled it. So Curious Expedition on Friday instead.


Awesome. I have The Curious Expedition but still haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet. Really looking forward to the stream now!

(Disclaimer: I know the guys rather well.)

Love that video. Makes you want to root for their success.

Anybody know if the game has a manual?

runs away

Hey, come back here, I wanted to answer that question!


Arctic Expanse update out now.

Early Access for the sequel will go live on June 17. In-depth look in this video after the team introduction roughly at the 6-minute mark.

(Usual CE disclaimer: the devs are friends of mine.)

I love the first Curious Expeditions! I’m really excited for this one, too. Any idea if they’re still working on The Curious Case?

It’s been put a bit on the backburner since they started focusing on getting CE2 across the finish line and also took a project management tool under their wings, but they haven’t given up on it yet, AFAIK. Since the team has grown quite a bit, there are options now once the main chunk of CE2 work has been completed. Am not fully in the loop on the latest stuff though since I haven’t seen them personally since CV19 became a thing.

Are they going to try again on the splash art so it’s original and not a ripoff of the Lost Expedition’s box art?

People Trekking Thru Jungle isn’t exactly a unique pose for a pulp based book/movie/game.

For anybody interested in expeditions in jungles… I’ve been reading Lost City of the Monkey God, which is an interesting and compelling true story.

Didn’t notice Steam EA play is happening, if thats what you’re into.

Many A True Nerd

If anyone wants a financial under-the-hood look…

Our first release date was November 18th 2014 and we sold in total drum rolls61 copies for a total revenue of $1,203 . Not exactly dream numbers when you just quit your high profile AAA job and spent all your savings on creating this indie game, which has to work out for you to be able to remain an indie game dev.

From 2014 to 2019 we sold 173,107 units in total for a revenue of $1,589,734 with an average price point of $9.18 . These numbers do not include the units we sold via the Humble Bundle. Including those the game has been purchased by over 200,000 players in total until the end of 2019.

No thread for it yet, and as a guy that never even played the original (but has a passing excitement for the sequel (it’s been on my Wishlist since it dropped into Early Access last June)), I’m probably not the one to make an OT style thread for it, at least not yet. I was interested to see this get a full on 1.0 release date later this month. Trailer!