Customer Service: The 10 Best (and Worst) Companies

Some of my least favorites made the worst list: Best Buy, Circuit City and Home Depot.

Home Depot huh? I’ve always had great service there, it’s one of my favorite stores. The people in lumber are smart and returns are easy.

You know I used to agree that BB had shitty CS but since I have started going to the one near me I no longer think that. Everyone that I have come in to contact with at this BB has been more then helpful and really do seem like they want to help me and if they cant they will find someone that can. Really its quite different then what I am used too at BB.

I work for the Depot, actually. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t go out of my way to assist a customer, and I am essentially in every department, every day, kicking customer ass. However, having recently come BACK to the Depot after a hiatus, I’ve noticed my very own store really seems down and out. Customer service is so poor, atleast in my store, because everyone is hating work and management. It starts at the top with Nardelli, the king of schmos, and trickles down from there. We just got a new SM so hopefully he can turn the attitudes around, he seems like a decent guy. But yeah, that article mentions how Best Buy employees seem unhappy… well, they are. I hear horror stores frequently from people who work(ed) there. You have unhappy workers, you’re going to get unhappy service.

Erik J.

I call BS on the article since EMC isn’t in the top 10 worst catagory.

The methodology for this article seems to consist of doing a Google search on the phrase “[Company Name] Sucks]” and then skimming the blogs that come up.

My experience with Home Depot is that the poeple are helpful and knowledgeable, if you can find one. Trying to find somebody who isn’t already hellping somebody else out is hard. They seem to be understaffed in terms of being able to have people available to assist customers. Once you got that person, things are okay.

Yeah I dont know how they came up with that list. One of them on the ten worst seemed to be based on two anecdote links? lol

Best Buy does suck cock though.

All of the Depots are essentially running way below average staff at the moment. The home improvement market has levelled out, and we’re seeing the losses already. That is one reason we had Xmas shit out like… 2 weeks before Halloween. They’re trying to make up in other areas what they lost in general home improvement sales. The easiest way to do so is drop employee hours.

Erik J.

Jesus christ, some of the stories of “terrible customer service” are just idiotic. I wonder what the employees version of those encounters are.

Yeah, the one about the guy trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip at Best Buy is particularly bad.

You can actually return stuff for cash at home depot without a receipt.

Home Depot is a great store and I’ve never had a problem with the service there, except with other customers who I wanted to strangle.

I have never failed to be impressed by the employees at Home Depot. When you ask one where something is, they always know, down to the aisle, which side of the aisle, what it’s next to - it’s uncanny.

Returning stuff to HD though, can be a task. It seems like the refund people are exceedingly slow. I was once stuck behind a guy who was literally returning a bag of bolts or screws, and the cash register person was having to look up each single one (they weren’t packaged, it was like a bag full of loose ones). The only thing that saved me from having to stand in line an hour waiting was that after 10 minutes they opened up another Customer Service line and I was called over to it.

I’ve actually had no problems returning stuff to Best Buy, other than the occasional issue with people not knowing how to run the cash registers. But sadly, that’s not an issue confined to Best Buy.

I hate those people. I work the service desk, so I end up doing a little bit of everything in the course of my day. Some douche walks up to the counter, puts down a box of shit and says “I emptied my garage.” What a prick, but it’s not like I can say no, cause it is all packaged and what not. Dirty and dusty as Hell, but packaged. The loose screws, if you’re lucky, have a 3 letter code on them thats as good as a UPC. Makes it easy. If not, you have to look them up one by one.

Erik J.

Not to make a terribly gross generalizations, but almost all of the time someone has some terrible story about how a company treated them they were in the wrong specifically and are a douchebag generally.

Like the AOL blurb in the article about the guy bitching that they wouldn’t let him cancel his deceased father’s account. They have no way to verify who you are, dipshit. You’d be pretty pissed off if some jackass could call up and have AOL cancel your service on you.

The linked Best Buy story is some wannabe Donald Trump trying to get one over and then crowing about how he’ll never shop there again they rebuffed him. Uh, that probably makes them happy. He won’t be wasting their employee’s time in the future.

Also, I’m hugely unsurprised that Midnight Son has multiple least favorites. He is just like the guy in the Best Buy story, an asshole of below average intelligence and above average ego.

Yeah I’m pretty sure every ISP requires this verification. Imagine the shit storm that would cause - “They cancelled my account because somebody called in and said I was dead - and they didn’t even ask for any verification!!!”

Some fucking people, I swear.

I find this comment to be defamatory. You can expect to hear from my lawyers shortly.

That guy was trying to cancel an account that was in his name that his father used. (Although I agree with your general principle that the internet can be an echo chamber.)

I’ve had nothing but 100% good experiences with Best Buy.

The lines have been short, the people knowledgeable and truly helpful.