Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Maybe once 2077 comes we will have something closer in reality, just with Chinese instead of Japanese… ;)

That’s true of most small c cyberpunk too, no? I mean, just look at Blade Runner with its giant Atari and TDK (!) logos.

Excellent choices. I remember reading Hardwired right when it came out and being gobsmacked by how cool it was. Was that the original inspiration for riggers?

Has anyone else read The Peripheral by Gibson (2014). I thought it was an excellent return to more of the style of his first 3 books. It’s another one of those books where you don’t quite understand all of the language for the first 50+ pages, but kind of work it out via immersion.

Not sure. I haven’t read it. I just went looking for 2020-tie in novels and his name jumped out at me because my wife knows him.

Haha, a friend shared this on FB the other day.

Need some yikes, oof and more thrown in there.

And some thicc poggers.

Currently discounted on Amazon. PC version is $49.94.

I haven’t seen fishing mentioned yet, but we can hope!

If the small compression in the 4k YT trailer offended you or something, here you have the better version

Pfft. You could do that in AC: Origins.

That’s good. They should have dropped jump on The Witcher 3.

They should have dropped playable Ciri chapters in Witcher 3 as well.

Game will be DX12 only, so no go for your remaining Windows 7/8 users out there.

Wasn’t there a DX12 patch for Windows 7?

Also, people probably shouldn’t be using Win 7 anymore these days.

So which unpatched Windows 7 remote-execution exploits with no mitigations are out there?