Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

As I said, I don’t assume those screens are somehow doctored and not representative of the game. So I still don’t really get your issue. Johnny looks fine ingame, albeit worse than in CG trailer.

How do people not understand in 2020 that CGI will of course look better than in-game and it’s silly to compare them?

Just a heads up that the PS4 version is out in the wild (it’s legit) so be wary of spoilers in the next couple of weeks.
(175 hours, 45 minutes of playtime)

I wonder if this means his latest completionist playtime of the whole game or what. If it does, then it’s about same length as Witcher 3 (took me 200 without expansions) which is what I expected.

Damn that’s gonna be annoying.

So we’re waiting an extra 3 weeks for last-gen, and now last-gen has leaked and we’re stuck avoiding spoilers?

Fuck consoles.

Doesn’t it have to be unlocked on release day at specific time by the TRON Master Control Program before the user can play it?

That’s on PC, not in consoles.

At least whoever is playing it early enjoys the bugs without the day one patch.

I am surprised how blind I am going into this game, maybe because i’ve skipped a lot of video reveals they put out. I so far know the game is a FPS and in the future.

Pretty much me too. I’ve avoided all of the hype train as much as I can.

RPG with FP view. :P

I apparently don’t even know what I bought, other than its the new game from CD Projekt.

Yep, I haven’t watched a single trailer since the one with the woman in the street getting shot in the eye I think? Its been a few years…

Also I gather a well known ACTOR is cameoing in the game. woah.
But otherwise, its sorta like the new Deus Ex games with cars, right?


I’m actually only half joking there. Just going on faith here that they deliver a good game and its been amusing how the hype and just general anticipation in the gaming community has been so deafening!

What I’m sort of watching for is when the review embargo lifts. I mean…I don’t know when critics get their copies (or if they have already), but iirc, the review embargo for Witcher 3 lifted a week or so before the game came out, which remains a ballsy move. I wonder if they’ll do the same for C2077.

Well if they keep pushing the release date, it might wind up months before at this rate!

That’s all you need to know. :)

Oh man, @tomchick incoming with 1 Star.

This is one of the very rare games I’d actually want a poster for my game room wall.

Yep, from the last round of previews, where folks got to run 16-hours of playing the game, some of the previews emphasized this is very much an RPG not an Shooter. Some of them say they went several hours at a time without actually any combat.