Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Can’t wait…

The braindance thing reminds me of Strange Days. Which I always thought was a very cool premise.

Looks like another dumb fuckin shooter, half the thing was just bullets flying in slow motion. Why did they even bother with the ‘Cyberpunk’ part.

Because it’s a teaser and it was all CGI so it literally can be any genre at this point. But I have faith in CDProjekt and if they say it’s going to be an open-world type RPG I’m inclined to believe them.

I like the Witcher games as much as the next guy, but putting out a 2 minute gun porn CGI trailer probably isn’t the best way to advertise your open-world RPG. All you need to is replace the music with ‘The New Shit’ or ‘Mad World’ and you have the new trailer for Gears of Splinter Duty: 2099.

Its probably meant to be evocative of the mood, setting and style of the game.

I get what you are saying but complaining about gun porn in video game trailers…well, its what we get these days in modern day setting games. I thought it looked kinda cool myself, and at first I thought the police was the bad guy, until I saw the girl. I liked it.

I thought that movie was awesome as fuck!

I guess if you knew nothing about CDProjekt and this game you would just assume that its a shooter. Of course, there is a website and they’ve been saying since it was announced that its an RPG, so . . .

Also, even RPG’s incorporate shooter/action elements at this point. We can pretty safely assume this isn’t going to be some party and turn based RPG. It will either be 3rd person or first, and the setting as defined by the pen and paper RPG emphasized the use of violence to solve problems so that is probably where the CRPG is going as well. That the Witcher RPGs don’t really provide a lot of “talk it out” or steal alternatives reinforces that idea.

Cgi videos are cool. And this one is really cool. XBMC categorize blade runner has a chinese movie, and I think that is a awesome glitch. Whe need more scifi that a category robot could confuse with a chinese detective black noir movie. I trough cyberpunk whas a setting dirty, not clean like scene from 2001 odissey or fucking star trek.

Awesome teaser…

Cyberpunk is piss stained dark future…and I think this fit pretty spot on.

You’re right, you can tell everything you need to know about a game from a 60 second trailer.

Fantastic trailer. Being a violent video game player for 30-odd years and therefor a ballistics expert, I’m doubtful bullets would disintegrate like that – including on the fabric of her clothes. But excellent video nonetheless.

Yea, bullets at that speed and energy should act more like liquid than anything else,… far from the crystal physics seen in the video.
I was thinking that maybe the bullets on the video are not metal, but some sort of… ceramic?

So maybe I am very wrong. :P

Loved the movie, but of course they’ll have to sell me on the actual gameplay when it’s closer to release. Witcher 3 though, yeah!

Fantastic trailer. Being a violent video game player for 30-odd years and therefor a ballistics expert, I’m doubtful bullets would disintegrate like that – including on the fabric of her clothes. But excellent video nonetheless.

Damn it now I have to come and show my nerdy pnp roleplaying background… from the looks of it they are sticking reasonably close to the source material, at least as it was interpreted in Cyberpunk 2020 (which I played a lot back in the day). One of the cyber options was skinweave, which if I recall correctly used nanobots (magic!) to make your skin sufficiently armored enough to withstand low caliber rounds. If you got heavily cyber enhanced you could get even better armor options, but the game penalized you for going heavy cyber by lose of empathy, which could result in cyber psychosis… going nuts and killing people. The police responded by creating special cyber enhanced teams, and arming them appropriately, to respond to stop such people. I.e the police guy at the end.

At any rate while you are no doubt technically correct about bullet properties, to anyone who played the game that movie was all kinds of good. It showed a deep appreciation of the source material despite its low story content style. Awesome.

Now if we’re nit-picking, I’ve always hated slow-mo shots of bullets where they all fly through the air next to each other in parallel formation. It’s silly.

So I’ve watched the trailer a few times and I’m having trouble determining how much of the woman is actually human. Clearly the claw arms are entirely mechanical, but she also gets shot in the face and receives nothing but a scratch. Is “she” just a human brain floating about in a mechanical body?

She went full prosthetic, like the Major.

I get a full body conversion vibe, given the way the bullet marks her. Skinweave is still flexible (it is just tougher skin) so her cheek has to be something harder (the lack of deformation is also not consistent with skinweave). Then again, maybe the 57 year gap in tech changed stuff.

Cyberpunk20xx (Cyberevolution less so) was always an interesting game and drew a lot of concepts together from the various literary works in the genre at the time. Some of the themes don’t work anymore, but others do (I certainly expect less of the 80s rocker theme in this). The loss of humanity that goes along with cybernetics is an interesting and deep theme (and one I’ve seen few places). If the game goes in to that, I’m very interested in playing it.

Aww come on… cyberpunk is so 80’s, I hope the generations music/fashion styles are coming around again in 2077 :)