Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

I have to say, I couldn’t imagine CDPR to not only release the game in the state it was, but also doing a bad post release support. Three months after release and they still haven’t could do a proper meaty update, with balancing, QoL changes and the like (and nothing about new quests or weapons), for now they only have released bug fixes.

Crazy its been 3 months already. I myself uninstalled it awhile ago, will resume act 2 ( I am like 2 missions into it) once some of the meaty post release patches hit, and I get a new GPU at msrp. So prolly like 2022. :P

I wonder if they’ve even hit rock bottom yet. I’m prepared for them to deliver a half assed patch a month from now that barely addresses PC concerns and then promptly announce the first DLC will be available in time for Christmas for 29.99. Now with some feature we initially demo’d. Maybe Wall Running or something.


I forced myself to finish 2.5 playthroughs but there was no variety in each despite my changing my playstyle (guns first run, hacking second run) since everything else played identically. Overall the setting and some of the characters were appealing it’s very shallow and hollow.

Why did you play it more than once? Weirdo.

Anyway I certainly got my money’s worth. Some great writing and voice acting, gorgeously realized world, but not much gameplay.

The environment is good, and the run and gun fighting is fine. I got through it twice, but that was about it, and then mostly because there were still quests I had not done/things I had not seen, etc. But it wasn’t exactly compelling.

It’s down to 25 USD:

Ok my favorite character from expeditionary force somehow made a appearance in this game. I have to replay it JUST to find this gem!

The other mindblower to me isn’t just that Cyberpunk 2077 hasn’t had a content update. It’s that it’s still not back on the PS store.

That’s nuts.

I imagine getting their entire system hacked would have had something to do with it. I feel very sorry for them; it’s quite possible they were the focus of a number of criminal groups simply by virtue of their profile.

I don’t know if feeling sorry for a multi billion dollar company is very cyberpunk of you ;)

Billion dollar company or not, people are still involved and it’s people that have to deal with consequences.

Yeah, in the case off the game’s condition at launch, that’s on the company, and they get little sympathy from me; they deserve the heat. (Noting, of course, that that does not include personal attacks on their employees or insinuations of incompetence, etc. at a personal level).

The hacking thing is bad whether it is done to a company or an individual, and while I don’t care much about them as a corporation, I do feel for the people working there who end up bearing the brunt of things like this. Even financial losses won’t be isolated to the big wigs, for sure.

Those things are good. I hope they’re also coming with a long list of individual bug fixes.

Yeah, needed fixes, but that only scratches the surface.

PC Gamer got sassy.

That seems like a very small patch.

I’m willing to be generous and hopeful and say that those sound like highlights of the patch rather than its entire contents. Much like each major WoW patch has a handful of new features that they highlight with screenshots and ad copy, with a long list of number tweaks and bug fixes they put at the bottom.

If they release this patch with only those four features and nothing else, they deserve every ounce of scorn coming their way.

Police will spawn instantly a little further away
Better driving
You can try to unstuck your car
You can disable the double-tapping for dodging