Cyberpunk 2077 - CDProjekt's New Joint

Heh, over/under on how many more GB of install that will require?


So I’ve weirdly found that THIS game – for which I previously had all of 4 hours of play spent in, and that all captured in the first week of release – has finally captured my attention.

I think part of that is having a rig that won’t choke on Raytracing too badly, but also just finally getting around to seeing what’s been done to fix this thing in the last two (!) plus years. I’m still not sure totally on what’s been fixed, mostly because I can’t remember everything (other than quitting it out back in the day after two CTDs within a half hour) or really much of anything from when I first played it. But so, far, so good. And I’m not a shooter guy, usually, and only marginally a cyberpunk genre guy (and definitely not really a sci fi guy.)

I still haven’t beaten the game but I drop in for a week or two every few months and the fixes/improvements are really notable. I give CDProjekt a lot of credit for how they’ve handled the post-rollout problems.

I’ve also been pulled back in. The biggest annoyance I had originally was how content was served up to the player, through constant phone calls from people we had no relationship with. It was a mess that kind of garbled my motivation and broke the narrative somewhat. I think that was tweaked in one of the patches, or possibly I just grok what’s going on better now, but that annoyance was absent this playthough.

I do have a bunch of changes I would make, if my secret superpower were influencing Polish software developers. Maybe I’ll type em up. But really, this is a must play these days, just like W3.

W3 was always a must play.

The game works best (for me at least, and I’ve put in hundreds of hours so I must have found something good there) when I just think of the city as the core and my roaming and shooting through it as the main game loop. The story isn’t bad, and the missions/quests are a mixed bag ranging from good to meh, but if you don’t focus on them and just enjoy the environment and mechanics it’s a really engrossing ride.

Right there with you. Now if only it had a Bethesda-quality VR mod.

I think it does have a VR mod doesn’t it? I think I’ve tried it but can’t really remember it.

It’s quite poor by all accounts, basically a way to look around but not really play effectively.

Trig, based on your comment, and my exact same issues upon release I fired this back up this week. I’m very lost right now, but it seems playable and pretty as well. I was a bit blown away a few times at specific moments so far.

I spaz out in these early fights though since I have no idea what I’m doing. How do I stop people from using hacks on me in a fight? Or … I guess how do I know which ones they are so I can kill the damn things?

I’m not the fastest twitch player anymore so normal difficulty has given me a couple of deaths already. I’m sure that will ease up as I get more abilities/weapons/etc.

The curve is steep, steep, steep. Just limp through these early times and it will open up and you’ll become a monster all too soon.

I’m good with that. I don’t mind a meaty RPG experience as it rolls along.

I think you might need a perk or equipment to ID someone hacking you maybe? Then you can scan for them.

I think I remember having to overwhelm being set on fire with constant healing :)

Yes, one of the perks in the intelligence line I think is highlighting the person hacking you. That plus a wall-piercing tech weapon is fun.

There’s a perk that will show where they are:

Just go murder them.

Also, practicing on NYPD fights will improve both V’s and your skills, before taking on meatier stuff.

I don’t think I had a problem with enemy hackers after level 10 or so. Drop a plague bomb on everyone in the building and waltz in.

I didn’t have any real trouble with hackers either - barely an inconvenience. My style was run and gun with auto-targetting rapid fire weapons, so spraying bullets that curve around corners was my jam. I didn’t invest in intelligence or hacking at all (I had just enough to disable a camera I could see directly.) Generally my motto was: stealth until I screw up, then guns blazing.

One of the bonuses of having high body was that the regen is insane - you’d make Wolverine jealous with how fast you can recover from just about any insult. If someone happened to be plinking away with some hack, I didn’t notice.

Literally just finished my second actual playthrough. Night City must be about the best fictional environment ever. ❤️