Daily Little Big Planet 2: head scratcher

Title Daily Little Big Planet 2: head scratcher
Author Christien Murawski
Posted in Games
When February 9, 2011

This happened quite by accident. I hesitate to post about it because, well, I didn't actually play the level. At all. I just landed in the middle of the action and watched it happen. And it was weird and disturbing and somehow touching. Poignant..

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Can I just say, I am glad this “experiment” is over.

I don’t understand this… when is the topic resurrection ever going to end? And why is it happening?

Google had a tough time finding these, probably because they were so buried. As Google finds and crawls them, they appear here. So only ones Google has not yet crawled are an issue. All the popular blog posts were crawled long long ago, so this is the leftover dregs.