Dance pad adapters?

Anyone know the best way to get a PS2 dance pad to work with an Xbox? Red Octane sells a $21 universal adapter, but they’re out of stock, and a search on Best Buy’s site comes up empty.

Isn’t there something a guy could pick up at Fry’s or Best Buy to make any PS2 controller, whether it’s a dance pad or gamepad, work with an Xbox and vice versa?


Not to be rude, but wumpus would know.

Wumpus is how I got these dance pads in the first place!


The best PS2->Xbox adapter is available from, believe it or not, Wal-Mart. Yeah, I know. But it’s the only one that you don’t have to import that doesn’t have any lag. Also converts to Gamecube; just look in the video game accessories section of any walmart, and you’ll see it. Remember, it converts PS2 to Gamecube and Xbox. It’s like fifteen bucks.

Edit: Oh wow, I clicked that link and it’s the same one. Fancy that… no other physical stores carry it.

Far be it from me to speak for Mr. Wumpus, but he would probably tell you to go to Buy N Shop instead of Red Octane for all of your DDR needs. Including adapters like these.

Watch out on that Wal-Mart one. They were closing them out of the WM’s here. It might be hard to find. :/


Eep. You should get it if you can though, it works flawlessly. Except that it doesn’t have a place to plug in the Xbox Live headset. Not that that matters for DDR, I guess.

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OK, maybe he didn’t say he was into it, but he at least mentioned it :(

Buy N Shop rocks.

Very happy with them.

I just bought the top two, from Buy 'n Shop and I’m very happy with them.

Not so happy with my pad, which is heading towards it’s death bed.

I am learning about the strange world of soft pad modding however. Thank god this little commie town I live in has a tool library.

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The Cat in the Hat doesn’t wear socks…

He’s not allowed to use my pad.

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