Dark Age of Camelot Journal - 12.24.02

Having recently picked up the Dark Age of Camelot Expansion I tried using one of the new classes but it just wouldn’t work with me. Thankfully no matter how many times I close my account, my Warden character is always there, ready for crazy adventures.

Most of my time has been spent getting chased around. Im pretty big into solo exploration experiences. I’d get into group exploration stuff but most people i’ve teamed up with got all antsy and went off with a leveling train. BORING. I mostly find trouble and either kick its ass or haul ass the fuck outta there.

I explored much of the new area of Hibernia. Its full of all sorts of pretty sights as well as evil monster type things. Most of the things in the new forest hates my guts. I spent 15 minutes getting chased around by Ents only to accidently ( I MEAN IT ) pick a fight with a praying mantis twice my size.

Warden’s are good solo characters tho. A good mix of buff spells, attack techniques, and of course heaaaaling spells. Just a good well rounded character class that gets ignored simply because the jack of all trades is master of none. People want specialization. I find that really damned dull.

I have a picture of a dungeon I was visiting earlier today. I lended my services as a healer and buffer and raised some dead people.

SO anyway I was working my usual ungodly retail shift today and some people were buying the expansion for DAOC. I mentioned how much I was enjoying it. They asked what server I play on blah blah geek flashback then all of a sudden they were talking down to me cause I played in Hibernia and not in their precious Midgaard realm. Fucking snobs. Go play some snob game where snobs drink wine from a box n stuff. Damn.

So anyway, im just using the next few days off from retail HELL to sleep and have some fun with games. Who knows, I might even get around to leveling up my Warden!