Dark Souls 3


A human summon is almost always better than an NPC if you really need help. There are a few NPC’s that are pretty good as distractions though.


I only found that not to be true for one boss. Midir seems to always be better solo. He’s just way too unpredictable and has too much HP otherwise.


I wasn’t advocating summoning. I try to beat every boss solo, although I will plead guilty to failing with at least two. I also haven’t played the DLC. But IMHO you should always give a boss a few solo efforts to try and learn his moves and gain some confidence before summoning.


Yep! I totally agree. =)


Okay, DS2 with all expansions is on sale on Xbox right now for $10. DS3 vanilla is $15, and DS3 with all expansions is $28. Which is the best deal? If DS2 any good? I never seem to hear much about it. Are the expansions for DS3 worth as much as the base game? For reference, I played Demons Souls and DS1, and enjoyed them.


For what it’s worth, DS2 is my favorite in the series. DS3 is quite good, but I found the DLC more frustrating than fun and not really worth the purchase.


I found DS3 (so far, I’m still fairly early) to be more like DS1. DS2 is different, and much much harder. Especially the SOTFS edition of it that’s on sale (it not only adds the DLC, it changes the base game to be harder). I didn’t enjoy my time with DS2. DS3, I really enjoyed so far. It’s more like Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. I have not tried the DLC to DS3 yet, but I did buy it in the last Xbox sale, just in case it turns out to be worth it.


The Internet thinks Dark Souls 2 is the worst game in the series, for whatever that’s worth.

For 2 and 3, the DLC is just DLC. It’s more content that’s pretty good but feels slightly out of place and vaguely annoying. I feel like this about most videogame DLC. Dark Souls and Bloodborne were rare exceptions.


The internet is right for once! =) Dark Souls 3 + DLC is definitely worth it. I thought the DLC was all well done. It is probably on par with the DLC from DS1 in terms of difficulty. DS3 as a whole is a very good experience.


Okay, 3 it is. Thanks, guys. I’ve been vaguely jonseing to play one of these games again recently- I must hate myself.


I assume the DS2 version is SOTFS with the DLC. They are good DLC with a combination of excellent and asshole bosses. The SOTFS version adds some difficulty over vanilla DS2 but you quickly get used to it. DS2 is considered by many the weakest of the games but even those who say that admit that any DS game is better than no DS game. :)

I haven’t played the DLC for DS3, although I did just buy them. By all means get the DLC with the main game at that price as you will never see the DLC by themselves cheaper than $15 each or $24 for the pair.


DS3 is like DS1 except just a touch quicker. I haven’t played Bloodborne but as I understand it DS3 borrows some from it. Also DS3 has so many call backs to DS1 that it is fun just for that.


That’s another question I vaguely wondered at- are the games actually connected? It didn’t seem like it, but I remember so little of the story/setting in DS1 that i couldn’t say.


Nothing with the areas really. There is a story in DS3 as to why the world is as it is and you may venture into areas that have familiar names, but things don’t look the same. But there are many little things that bring back DS1 memories, and to a lesser extent DS2 memories.


So I have finished with The Painted World of Ariendel DLC and have begun The Ringed City. Getting thru the Dreg Heap was easy, though the Boss was a bitch. And now the opening of the actual Ringed City area is kicking my ass and it isn’t even a Boss fight.

This must be Dark Souls showing you how hard it truly can be.


I will one day finish this game , and all the damn Sekiro talk has be wanting to pick that up, but not till I finish DS3!

So I had to remember where the hell I left off , and apparently I am rusty as all frak. But 2 hours of play today and another door open, this nice fellow was just past the next fog door. What a pain in the ass fight that was, and the arrow rain was such BS.

Then after that fight and I do what the nice lady says…

Oh, well that isn’t good.

And this is where I am now. :)

Lets just say I earned and lost a lot of souls in the last 2 hours.


Man, I love Dark Souls 3 so much. Have fun!


Having the second Boss fight immediately follow the previous one is actually one of the crueler things Dark Souls ever does. Especially if you haven’t seen the Dancer before or have used up most your Estus beating the previous boss… I usually go straight to the inventory screen and bone my way out of the Dancer fight. Of course, who thinks of that their first time thru.

And as for Aldrich’s arrow attack, screw that guy.


Yep , I had visited a bonfire, but was damaged on my way back to the statue, and ofcourse the 112908 souls were lost after I died there a few times. I forgot to level up. And thats like 2 freaking levels when you are in your high 60’s.



Oh god those stairs. I must’ve ran that section a thousand times when I was grinding covenant drops.

My calves and glutes never looked better though.