Dark Souls 3

Since I made it to the prior bonfire embered, I decided to summon a helper. It went ok at first, but man those guys were aggressive, and I got stabbed trying to drink. Second time there were no summon signs nearby (oh wait, I wasn’t embered anymore, so that explains that), so I armored up (first time I went in naked) and went back in. It was fast and tense, like some of the hunter fights in BB, but this time I made it, getting juuuuust outside of the range of some of the second phase’s attacks to heal.

Overall I did not care too much for Farron Keep, which is very unsurprising considering my well-established hatred for From’s poison levels. I didn’t have too much trouble with the face, uh, loving goats, after getting grabbed by the first one, although they definitely did keep me on my toes. I spent a lot of this level shooting things in the face from afar with my bow.

I didn’t much care for the swamp preceding it, either. Overall I just don’t like From’s open levels. They are great when making interior spaces, but the exterior ones tend to be very blah, at least for me (although the exterior graveyard path in Cathedral sure was hair-raising the first time through). Looking forward to the Catacombs.

I think I am! I’ve not done any of that at all yet, in fact it’s been so long I’ve forgotten how to do it! Oh yes, that’s right - ember up! I’m also a sunbro dude so presumably that may give me additional signs if anyone has placed one. I’ll probably take it on solo for a few times to get a feel for it though, I hate feeling like the fifth wheel in a co-op situation.

How did you approach them? I couldn’t make a dent on them, after several attempts of barely getting a single hit in that wasn’t the initial “arrow to the face” before it was on top of me (literally). Harder than any boss fight so far for me.

Those damn skeletons in the outer Cathedral area that chest-burst an upper torso can feck right off too, another grabber! Way too many grabbers in this game. At least the self-immolating suicide grabbers self-destruct and I can just run away from them.

Well, I am playing sellsword twinblades with no shield, so if anybody even looks like they are making a move toward me I roll behind them (or try to). With these guys, it was roll forward right as they went for the initial grab, then under them as they did the jump grab, then hit a couple times and repeat, more or less. With sharp twinblades +4 at my dex they go down after three or four L1s.

And yet you are not quite done with all the swamps yet, because this is Dark Souls. :)


Have any of you made your way to Archdragon peak yet? Iirc you need to do some optional content to access it, but it’s one of those areas that are a must see for Souls players. If nothing else then to test your nerves and tolerance for bullshit.

That’s not exactly selling it!

I’m currently finishing off Cathedral of the Deep, then finishing Farron’s Keep, so I’ve no idea how far away I am, but it feels like I still have a long way to go.

Ok, so I went up yet another elevator to an intensely frustrating area with narrow walkways which I kept falling off of during rolling. I get vertigo (no, really!) and my hands start sweating, and I keep fumbling the analog sticks. After my fourth straight rolling death, I may have uttered the immortal words that rhymed with “duck hiss” and quit out.

On restarting, I figured I’d just go straight for the Deacons. Holy shit, that fight ended before I even realised I was getting anywhere. It was like the Pinwheel fight, as in “what? Is that it? I won? Oh ok.” Not sure I want to go back up into the rafters - I bet there’s something decent up there. sigh

Bring a bow.

The intended path through the cathedral of the deep sort of through me off when I first played through it. I think it is sort of a confusing area to progress through because the path of least resistance naturally loops.

Alright, after I made it to third bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices area (avoiding the water so I don’t have to fight crabs), I circled back to the Undead Settlement and went back to this area to find out where you’re talking about. Yay, this was a nice find. Thanks for letting me know. I also changed my attire for now to the clothes I found there.

I also got the sewer key, so I think now I’ve explored every nook and cranny in the Undead Settlement.

Overall, I’d say the Undead Settlement area is one of the better areas in the whole Dark Souls series. Everything from the huge tree with worshippers around it, to the little houses, the narrow street through houses that leads to a witch on a bridge, to pathways that lead up some grand stairs, to sewers that lead through rat infested places, to a tower with a giant on it, to a demon circling a fire in a creepy neighbourhood, it was all just so evocative and memorable, right down to the giant tree. And throughout it all, there were these scarecrow-like things sitting in rocking chairs. Whoever designed this area was a freaking genius.

Abyss Watchers down, with a little help from Sirris. In some ways I regret not trying that fight without any summons, because it was a hell of a lot of fun. The fire-sword second phase is great! Reminded me of the Artorias fight from DS. I just managed to kill him before Sirris kicked the bucket. It’s actually the first boss that I’ve reached that I was embered up for. How I didn’t get invaded in Farron’s trying to get there from the bonfire I’m not quite sure!

Now in the Catacombs. I guess I should go back and complete the Cathedral section at the top there. I do have a longbow, and I use it a lot, but it just pissed those guys off. I just need to try it when my patience threshold is a lot higher. :)

Also, the soul I got from the Abyss Watchers gives me access to two greatswords which look very interesting. There are a lot of weapons that are tempting me to go for a quality build. Hmmm.

Use the how to pull them back out onto the roof. Not a lot more space to maneuver, but some

The Profaned Capital is one of my all time favorite souls’ areas.

It’s a shame that it’s not a bigger area.

It evokes both a sunken city, and something out of Indiana Jones.

I got Yhorm to his second phase by conventional means before getting sloppy. I feel silly now that I figured out how you’re supposed to kill him. Still, woulda been cool if I managed to do it with my trusty broadsword.

Finally tracked down Aldrich…this’ll take a bit.

Execution needs to be perfect.

Gotta get moving on this. I’m still in the Catacombs.

You don’t have to ember up to put down a summon sign. Only to summon someone else.

I don’t think anyone here is close to that yet although @Scott_Dobros may have got to the “jump off” point. I doubt he would have whats needed yet though.

I’m pretty sure I found the “jump off” point. Tried all the gestures I have (following a note) but nothing happened.

Guess I don’t have what I need ywt.

Damn it, I knew I should have cashed in my souls before touching that goblet. I knew it! Time to go get em back…

Did you use the Lift Chamber Key you got from Leonhard yet? It’s in my inventory and I keep meaning to go back to US to figure out which door it opens.

The door that key opens is not in the US.

Ah ok, I just seem to remember all these locked doors in US that I couldn’t get through, I know some turned out to be shortcuts but I’d assumed there was one left. In that case I guess I haven’t come across it yet.