Dark Souls 3

It is a bit of a slog, but I still enjoyed my time in the Cathedral a lot. Don’t forget to stop and marvel at the architecture. I also like that this giant Cathedral has developed its own post-apocalyptic eco-system with sections of it used by different types of creatures, including two giants and slug creatures and worshippers and other things.

Ha yes, I did the same after seeing it was only +3. The successful attempt saw me whittling away… the wrong demon, so I ended up with Mr Meteors Gonna Track Your Ass. Ugh. Fortunately we got him into a corner and he only did it once, killed him while he was doing his build-up for a second go at it. Sometimes we’d get falling meteors, that was easy to avoid by just running away, but the one where he creates this massive glowing ball which explodes into tracking meteors I never once managed to avoid (a quick estus meant I could survive it though).

But I really enjoyed this fight, a lot! I’ll definitely be putting my sign down to help others with it too.

I just love the way these games do their visual flair and geography. Like in that area near Tsorig, there’s a Black Knight on a floor above him, and if you go that way instead of towards Tsorig, you come to a giant ladder that goes upward. But it’s not enough that it’s a giant ladder. Not for Dark Souls. It’s a ladder that goes up and up and up, out of your line of sight. Even if you angle the camera as far up as it will go, the only thing you see is that the ladder keeps going.

I know they’ve got level restrictions of how everything has to connect with everything else in the Dark Souls games, which is partially why you get things like this, but I also think this is on purpose, to give the player that moment of wonder of seeing a ladder where you can’t see how high it goes. As far as you can see, it just keeps going up.

I love it. After I beat Tsorig I’m going to find out what’s up that ladder.

I’m never so disturbed by ladders that go up where I can’t see them as the ones that go down into dark holes.

Agreed. I don’t remember who here wrote it but usually going down in DS is a bad thing, while going up is a good thing. I have no idea if that is actually true though as I can’t think of many “good things”. :)

Ladders going down are better because you can do a plunging attack off it!

The Twin Demon Prince fight. The Wiki’s say when summoned you should try to time your original fall so that you can get a plunging attack on a demon. I don’t know how many times I tried that, probably more than a dozen, and never came close.

That’s not really a ladder though, and… wow, really? Not sure how you’d coordinate that with a random summons, and besides it seems like a waste of time; the first stage of that fight is a pushover. It’s stage 2 that you have to worry about.

As the host who summons I guess you are supposed to get them to stand below the fall point. But yea, seems like a waste to me. Better to make sure you kill the right demon first.

Do you mean the right demon, or the demon on the right? :)

The one that does all the fire shit. The laser demon is easier to kill in phase 2. Trouble is I can never remember which is which, plus I usually try to make sure the host lives to phase 2 by helping kill whichever demon he is messing with. Especially if the host is magic user cause they need someone to keep the demons attention.

Working my way through the Ringed City. Hit a challenging spot involving a big knight with a flaming lance and a giant dragon shield, and a bunch of those headless overweight cleaver dudes (I should probably look up their official names, but that’ll do). Keep getting a little bit further each time. Certainly a good spot to pick up a crapton of souls though!

Also encountered the first mention of Midir, from a prisoner behind a door. Now that I know what Midir is, I know that I spotted it outside earlier. There was a sign saying “Tough enemy ahead” but it was facing backwards towards… oh right.

Wait, are you saying someone left a message for the enemy, and the tough enemy ahead was you? You just blew my mind. We probably are the toughest enemy in Dark Souls.

Well I wish I’d thought of that instead, because that’s pretty cool. But no. :) It was a sign saying that, with a gesture pointing back where I was coming from. I turned around, looked where they were pointing, and saw something which I now know is Midir. I gave them an upvote.

You talked to the woman behind the door? She wants you to kill Midir. She will get pissed if you kill someone else. That area is ripe for invasions in the Ringed City.

Maybe I should try invading there. :)

No need, the denizens really don’t need any help in killing me repeatedly. I think I just died about a dozen times trying to beat that stupid phantom with the gigantic hammer. Every time I get him down I misjudge his ice attack and that’s an instakill if not embered, but I’m saving my embers for boss fights.

I never did beat that guy.

I tried him a few more times and moved on. Once he powers that thing up, which typically happens after 2-3 swings, it is absolutely lethal. I feel like I should be able to do it, but I can’t pull it off.

Finished the rest of that area off except for Leto, and then hit the swamp where there’s another massive dude who summons archers. How in the ten fucks you’re supposed to kill that guy, I have no idea, so perhaps I’m supposed to just leg it! There’s no cover though, and even plinking him with a bow is fruitless because he summons a guy with a massive hammer right next to you (not to mention each arrow chips off about 2% of his health).

But each night I think that’s it, I’m done, I’ve reached my skill ceiling, and then the next day I make progress. So I’ll wait until tomorrow then I guess! I may also take a break and go and do some boss fightin’.

Yeah, really no need to kill that summoner guy.

Did you at least get the ring that is on the cliff below where you fight him?