Dark Souls 3

Wait, are you saying someone left a message for the enemy, and the tough enemy ahead was you? You just blew my mind. We probably are the toughest enemy in Dark Souls.

Well I wish I’d thought of that instead, because that’s pretty cool. But no. :) It was a sign saying that, with a gesture pointing back where I was coming from. I turned around, looked where they were pointing, and saw something which I now know is Midir. I gave them an upvote.

You talked to the woman behind the door? She wants you to kill Midir. She will get pissed if you kill someone else. That area is ripe for invasions in the Ringed City.

Maybe I should try invading there. :)

No need, the denizens really don’t need any help in killing me repeatedly. I think I just died about a dozen times trying to beat that stupid phantom with the gigantic hammer. Every time I get him down I misjudge his ice attack and that’s an instakill if not embered, but I’m saving my embers for boss fights.

I never did beat that guy.

I tried him a few more times and moved on. Once he powers that thing up, which typically happens after 2-3 swings, it is absolutely lethal. I feel like I should be able to do it, but I can’t pull it off.

Finished the rest of that area off except for Leto, and then hit the swamp where there’s another massive dude who summons archers. How in the ten fucks you’re supposed to kill that guy, I have no idea, so perhaps I’m supposed to just leg it! There’s no cover though, and even plinking him with a bow is fruitless because he summons a guy with a massive hammer right next to you (not to mention each arrow chips off about 2% of his health).

But each night I think that’s it, I’m done, I’ve reached my skill ceiling, and then the next day I make progress. So I’ll wait until tomorrow then I guess! I may also take a break and go and do some boss fightin’.

Yeah, really no need to kill that summoner guy.

Did you at least get the ring that is on the cliff below where you fight him?

You don’t need to kill him. But he is easy to kill with arrows in a sort of shoot, hide, shoot and hide technique. I think I used the large bow you get in the Profaned Capital to kill him. By this point in the game the arrows for it are available from the merchant.

Have you gone around and fought the Dragonslayer?

Yeah, I dropped down and got the ring my last trip through that area. Worth it, I guess! By that time I had given up on Pure Strength and didn’t need to go for the hammer.

I just assumed that, because you had to kill the first summoner, this guy was also going to be mandatory as getting around (or exploring at least) will be nigh-on impossible without it. But no, I didn’t actually try that yet. :) And no, I have not met no Dragonslayer. If I can get to an area that unlocks that obvious shortcut back to the bonfire I’ll be happy.

I did grab the ring on the ledge, after trying to run around Leto and see if there was anything worth grabbing, failing, noping out and running away! If killing him nets that hammer though, that would be worth persevering with for a strength build certainly, but I’m guessing my modest 40 STR (with the Knight Ring) is not quite going to be enough. Lately the weapons I’ve been using almost exclusively have all had better Dex scaling esp with Sharp obviously so I’ve been putting stats into that.

Ok, found the Dragonslayer. Didn’t I already leave this party? I died pretty handily so tried another direction, found the shortcut back to the bonfire, and on the way there I think I woke up something really nasty.

Anyway, I’ve found a wall with “Show Your Humanity” written on it, and a lot of messages about using mimicry in the swamp. I love a good puzzle!

Ok, that was easy. However, what’s up there is… phew. Challenging. I also tried to approach Midir but it’s bbq night.

Now I’m stuck in a crumbling tower with a nasty phantom that appears. He’d be fine were it not for the fact I’m fighting in a tiny corridor. Also, Lapp you bastard!

That is a particularly nasty phantom. As for Lapp, if you go back you can get his gear.

I thought the phantom in the tower beyond the show your humanity puzzle was Ledo, but you say you already fought him? I guess there was a ladder tucked away in the corner of the swamp that offers a different route up there. Honestly that puzzle seems pretty superfluous.

I did see a guy on line figure it out. Vaati I think. Ledo is the phantom in the building above where you find the ring, across the swamp from the bottom of the stairs. The ladder there is guarded by those annoying magic using priest guys.

Yes, although I got there throught the humanity puzzle, which as I said I am having trouble seeing the point of.

The Humanity Puzzle takes you up to where another summoner and a couple Knights are. Then on to the Purging Monument that Lapp is looking for.

Oh, yes, there is a dropoff to get to Ledo’s area from there, isn’t there. I never even saw Lapp, so the monument meant very little to me.

Sure, you can get to Ledo (Leto?) from the Show your Humanity access, but you have to drop down and go through two ring knights to get to it. The giant dude will also summon a Ledo “illusion” if that’s what you’re thinking of. I managed to get through it by going back later, if you’re lucky and he goes for melee attacks you can kill him before summoning starts. You can just run past it all though, can’t see any reason not to.

Easy to spot as you have to go back that way after you (inevitably) die. Well I guess technically you can go another way, but that drops you even more into the shit! I’ve not looked at the stats for it yet, nothing ever comes close to the starting Knight gear (yes I know, fashion, but at this stage I need all the help I can get!).

So I went back ready to kill the phantom (Moaning Knight), ran past him and tried to get him to follow me to a wider area. I then had the great idea of getting him outside so that he could get toasted. But I didn’t need to. In his attempts to figure out how to get to me, he fell off into the abyss! It took a few moments for me to stop laughing.

And holy shit, there’s a bonfire literally right there. D’oh. Let’s just go a bit further and see what’s around this cor… AARRGH! I escaped mostly unsinged with my dragoncrest shield, but I decided to take my 50k souls anyway just in case, pop a couple of biggish souls, and get another level.

Meanwhile as I’m playing this I’m aware that @Kolbex has probably taken down another two or three bosses in DS2. It’s a race! Can I finish this DLC before he beats that entire game?

Ok, so I got past Midir on the ledge, and then finally met him for real. It seems deceptively straightfoward at first, until the first time he one-shots you from full health (without ember) because you mistimed a roll. Not that I was expecting it to be easy! There is another path to take as well, a ring knight wielding what appear to be twin greatswords. Hmmm.