Dark Souls 3

Well, that sounds pretty bad. I hope From fixed this with Elden Ring.

Still didn’t best the nameless king :(

What little I have read about Eldon Ring indicates that they are going to change invading in some ways which should reduce some of the angst that goes with it. Also, a new game will take time for the hackers. But you would hope FROM would build in some better security measures as well.

Is the hacking only on the PC version? If so, I could abandon my Pryo (Steam version) and start playing my Knight on the Xbox version when I get back to the game.

Apparently. There are from what I understand cheaters still on console but not the hackers that are on PC. You are probably safe if you have a manual backup or use Blue Sentinel and if you don’t invade or get summoned. You have to interact with someone else on line.

The Nameless King is down, yay!


Great job!

I’m banging my head against Sister Friede and her charming papa. I got to the point where I can mostly beat her first phase, but the 2nd phase is hit and miss. I feel like I’m cheating a little using the skill from the lightning axe I took from the empty armor, but hey.

She is pretty tough. I usually can get her to the third phase but solo I have never won that fight.

In the end, I managed to beat her by practising not using the shield during the first stage. I’m sure it helped that I tried this a dozen dozen times at least, but it’s one of these bosses where getting hit is just not an option I guess. It actually went pretty smoothly, other than a moment of fear where she got me with her decapitating grab and reduced my health bar to almost zero.

Three more bosses to go. I got a taste of all 3 of them. Nothing too serious because I wanted to get the sister out of the way. I can tell right now that Midir is going to be a chore. These huge, agile boss fights are fought against both the boss and the camera.

What platform are you playing on?

PC. Are you playing? I’d be very happy to coop.

I think that if DS was ever made into a movie, it would be an arthouse movie where the audience comes out all confused.

I have it for PS4.


Terrence Malick’s Dark Souls

This would mean it’s long and super slow paced.

I think he was referring to David Lynch.

Good call, Lynch definitely doesn’t make long, slow-paced films.

After having seen The Green Knight, I think David Lowery would be the man for the job.

My quest to solo DS3 continues - finally managed to get the Soul of Cinder. I’ve been at it for a very long time, and this evening, following a few naked practice runs, I donned armor and had a surprisingly calm time taking him down.
Only Midir and Gael are left. I actually enjoyed the few attempts I made on Gael. Can’t say the same about Midir, but down they must both go.