Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


Grass Crest Shield is stamina regen.


Backtracked to pick up the Bastard sword and the Claymore (holy shit the claymore!). Upgraded both and now the days of the Drake Sword are behind me.

Moonlit Butterfly down. Gaping Dragon down.

Messed around in New Londo Ruins a bit, and now I’m deciding whether I should push on through into Blighttown, or follow M’lady’s (clearly doomed) expedition into the Catacombs.


What if you don’t expect to get hit but (s)hit happens? The longer you survive the longer you can dispense damage, no?

Anyway, I played this and DS2 and even after many hours didn’t get even halfway through the game, and I was going more for defense - but thinking of starting a new DS2 game so I can finish it and move on to 3, so I will take this approach of weapons first to see if it helps.


Defense is not really a thing in DS games. Sure, you can go strength build and eventually wear Havels armor and shield, but the road to get there is a messy one. The old DS adage that rolling is better is true. I spec so that I can handle one hit, then I roll for everything.

In fact starting games I usually put more points into stamina than anything else, even health. Health is like third, behind stamina and dexterity.


I always save that for last. You need an item, which you may already have based on the direction you went in an earlier post.


Second Bell Rung!

Blightown made my palms sweat, but I really enjoyed that entire area. Such a nice mix of enemies: the morlocks, the fire doggies, the spiders, ogres/giants, mosquitos. But fuck that blowdart dude. And when I first saw that nasty tentacle monster blocking the giant tunnel I nearly turned back for the safety of New Londo and its ghosts.

Fighting ogres on a narrow platform is quite the ballet.

I stocked up on purple moss, put on the shadow armor set I found, equipped my spider shield, and took my time exploring the poison filled swamps, picking off golden leaches with my bow, and collecting all the loot. It was a nice change of pace from the platforms above. Almost calming.

Then I found the spider’s den. I guess I shoulda seen it coming, what with the firespitting spiders all around. But I didn’t. And I surely didn’t foresee the larva infested hollows. FFS. Made it through most of blightown with only a few deaths. Navigated the swamps and the rock giants no problem. But after busting open that swollen hollow, little maggot monsters killed me? Good one dark souls.

What’s there to say about Quelaag? That slow pan up her body was something else. Spider. Spider. Flame. Spider. Human torso??? YES. Reminded me of The Stalk from Saga. Having done pretty well in the area, and dreading having to plod my way back through the swamps and giants, I summoned the butcher lady that tried to invade me earlier, and we made short work of the spider queen. Which…I kinda regret. It was a pretty easy fight with the butcher face tanking. It went by too quickly to really appreciate the cool spider moves. Oh well.

Victory. Bell rung. Mysterious gate opened. But what’s that I see out there through the archways? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Dark Souls reveals the hellscape that is the Demon Ruins. I sat down at the bonfire surrounded by hideously moaning invested hollows, looked out over the creeping lava, saw some indescribable horror off in the distance, and logged off for the night.

This. Fucking. Game.


@Scott_Dobros you might be not finished with Blighttown yet … there is still some mystery to it… Do you play online? Some messages might acutally help ;)


Def online. When did the remaster come out? There are still TONS of people playing this game. Get invaded all the time. Plenty of sigils outside of boss encounters. Tips for days.

Gonna explore this terrifying new land of demons, then I’m going to head back to blighttown. I think there was some weird elevator contraption or some such thing I neglected in favor of treasure and the spider’s den.

Is that the mystery you speak of?


that too


Oh boy, thought I was done with BT. Guess not!


Blightown is not done with you, yet!


this is going to haunt you…


To be fair, wasn’t earlier complaints about blight town at least partially based on poor performance and didn’t the newest version fix that?


Oh??? WTF? I fear I’m missing something important…

No performances issues at all with the remaster, aside from some random frame hitches now and again.


in Dark Souls 3 I missed a complete area, because you had to use a certain gesture at a certain spot… I had to look online. I think FROM does this for replayability. On your second run you might notice something what you missed on your first run because you were busy with everything new…


It’s still pretty damn annoying. These days I skip most of it and I can’t say I miss it.

Scott, the secret in Blighttown is pretty easy to miss so I hesitate to let you flail at it. You could search for hours unless you’re looking in just the right spot. Keep an eye out for messages.


I’m not spoiler adverse, so please, gimme the goods ; )


Wait, you need to suffer a bit so you realize how dumb it is!

Hint: It’s an illusory wall somewhere on the bottom level. Look for messages.


Wait really? That doesn’t sound familiar. I wonder if I’ve just forgotten or if I never found this place.

Also Scott: I enjoyed my time in Blighttown too, so you’re not alone. We’ve both been made fun of by Tim James for enjoying Blighttown. It’s a club!


I would never make fun of anyone for having bad taste in level design.