Dark Souls - Demon's Souls Spiritual Successor


Yea, I will get it when it goes on sale. Although the idea of getting it when it first comes out and hopefully many people are playing it is attractive. I always waited for the others to go on sale first.


I wish the dried finger was available earlier like it is in Dark Souls 3. The most fun I had with DS3 was starting a new character, using finger (to increase the number of people you can summon but also the number of people who can invade you) and then just summon everyone I can. Then you try to get through the area with your sunbros while invaders are constantly coming at you in 2s and 3s. It’s like playing Dark Souls in a MMO PvP zone. Good times.


This is really neat, I think.

Heat map where player deaths/messages come from. Each red dot is 12,000+ player deaths!

More info here:


FROM engineers can use this information to even out some of the difficulty spikes for a more balanced experience.

Just kidding!


I’m not even sure if that would make for a better experience though. For example, if it shows that a lot of people die to Sif, does making Sif easier make the game better? He’s already an optional boss.

Or making the Gargoyles easier since that’s a huge death place? They already have an optional summons before the Gargoyles that makes the fight a lot easier, optionally, if you want to use it.


Oh. God. I forgot about the gargoyles. shudder


Sif is not optional. You need the ring from that fight to get to the Four Kings.


You’re right! I get very confused with what’s optional and what’s not in Dark Souls games. Plus what’s easy and what’s hard, which can vary depending on when you tackle it. Sif was apparently pretty hard early on, but I didn’t get to that portion until near the end-game, so that was fairly easy for me.


I was expecting to see the Capra Demon light up in that map like a small sun. I’m kind of disappointed, actually.

Where’s Anor Londo anyway? That bridge with the heavy arrow dudes must have a LOT of red points too. ;)


And your build.


The article says they were cropped from the bottom of the map do to their brightness. :)


Hah! The Ornstein & Smough area would indeed be grossly incandescent. ;)


They actually may have - some stuff was nerfed. People forget what the O&S fight was like at ship.


Yup, Capra Demon and Hellkite Bridge.


I somehow missed Capra first time round, stumbled upon him much later and did him first try.


Those two are really easy, especially when compared to their DS2 version. Most bosses in DS1 are actually much easier than those in the sequel.


I found DS2 a lot easier than DS1. Maybe because I was an old-hand at the Dark Souls gameplay by then.


Same, I only formed that opinion after I replayed DS1 once I finished DS2 a couple times


This is crazy. But wait. Maybe it’s not. You must have played the vanilla version of DS2, not the Scholar of the First Sin edition. That would explain it.


I’m also in the “DS2 is easier than DS1” camp. I generally found the bosses much more manageable, and between the despawning enemies and more frequent summons, I never got stuck at one point for very long.

Except for the DLC.