Dark Souls III, I hate you, I love you

Title Dark Souls III, I hate you, I love you
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When March 26, 2016

https://youtu.be/uXyf_VW4cus I present you with the six most memorable minutes from my four hours of playtime in Dark Souls III. And while you're watching, please subscribe to the Quarter to Three YouTube channel while we get it set up for an official launch..

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Have they implemented any of the improvements Bloodborne made to the formula?

I had a lot of fun watching this live, looking forward to seeing what all you have in store for the channel.


That seems like the quintessential dark souls experience to me, as I've heard it!

Hilarious. So much like my own run throughs of the original Dark Souls (which I finished, by god), except there was much less chuckling in my case, and more annoyed sighing.

Gosh, does everyone have advance copies or is the release date different in the US? Feels a bit lame to see so many videos weeks before release, honestly.

I just admire that you were able to actually talk and play Dark Souls at the same time. I love the Souls games and Bloodborne, but I can't even handle people in my peripheral vision when I am trying to fight a boss, let alone talk about it while I'm playing.

These are press copies. The release date in the US is sometime in early April.

I'm sure that if I wasn't yammering away, I would have kill the boss much more quickly. Okay, maybe not. But it's reassuring to think that.

microphone has a lot of clipping, hardware issues?

I think some people have been able to secure Japanese digital versions by tricking their PS4 into thinking it's in another region. The game will be hard enough, I don't need to fux with Japanese text on top of it.

Isn't someone going to be streaming Dark Souls 3 all this week, between 6-8PM Pacific time?